'Teen Mom' Stars and Their Kids

After making it pretty clear she was quitting, Portwood goes off on the show's EP in what could be her final episode.

Amber Portwood really came in hot to film the latest "Teen Mom OG" reunion.

On Monday night's "Backstage Pass" special, viewers got a new look at some of the antics that went down off the main stage when the moms meet up in NYC to break down this season's drama.

While we previously saw Portwood double down on quitting the show while talking to Dr. Drew, tonight fans watched her go off on the show's executive producer before going on stage.

As she got her makeup done, EP Larry Musnik walked in to ask where she stands with them.

"I stand where I stand, I'm quitting the show," she said. "If you guys aren't going to show me, why am I on it?"

"The way that I'm looking on this show is not who I am, it's not me," Portwood continued. "It's really hard with the way I'm getting treated when I work my ass off and I have postpartum depression and I'm f--king right here."

She also took issue with Catelynn Lowell taking a month off from filming to seek treatment for postpartum depression, while Portwood was only allegedly given a week for the same issue.

"She left to go somewhere, how is that different from me having postpartum depression and trying to get my shit together with my psychiatrist at home?" asked Amber. "I worked for a year straight, I worked for a year f--king straight. I get treated differently than the other girls and I'm f--king sick and tired of it."

"Am I one of the girls that was the pilot of this show?" she asked. "Am I 28 years old, am I the oldest one on the f--king show? So why am I getting treated any different than any of the other girls? I've given you guys every f--king thing to a T, let me tell my truth and then we can move on."

Portwood then went out on stage, where she reiterated her desire to leave the show. The fans, however, wanted to make it known they would miss her if she left. That clearly had an affect on the reality star, who said their reaction "made me feel a little better about telling my story on the show."

Speaking to Catelynn backstage, she said it was "hard" to face Dr. Drew.

"The thing is I told the audience, I just straight up said I quit," she explained. "They were just like yelling at me saying no, we love you and stuff like that. Then I just started bawling my eyes out. Everything's so god dang emotional right now."

"I really hope you decide to stay," said Catelynn.

It's unclear whether Portwood will continue for the next season of the show. A rep for MTV had no comment at this time.