'Teen Mom' Stars and Their Kids

Portwood takes aim at MTV, Maci gets emotional speaking about her costars and Catelynn reveals her childhood trauma.

This season's "Teen Mom OG" drama came to a head on Monday night's reunion show, part one of an MTV two-parter. It was an hour filled with tears, anger, awkwardness and even a sweet and moving bonding moment between all of the show's stars.

Before meeting with each of the women separately, hosts Dr. Drew Pinsky and Nessa had Bristol Palin, Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, Cheyenne Floyd and Catelynn Lowell hit the stage together, where they connected over some of their shared storylines.

Maci was overcome with emotion here, crying as she said, "I see all these women and I think they're incredible but I don't think they think they are." She continued, making them all tear up, by adding, "A lot of that has to do with social media, the mom shaming bullshit. I just wish they could see themselves the way I see them. I don't like to see any of them question or doubt themselves because they're so much more than that. It pisses me off that people would tell them anything different."

The bonding continued as Dr. Drew asked about Catelynn flying out to see Amber when she texted her about her postpartum depression. When he said he thought "she saved your life that day," Portwood replied, "It's because of these girls I'm sitting on this stage right now, I just want everybody to know that. And my fans."

With that, let's dive into their individual interviews.

Amber Portwood

Amber's solo sit-down was the most emotional of the group, as she openly criticized MTV for how she was portrayed and called out viewers for misjudging her.

"I don't feel like I get my truth out and I feel like what people see on this show, they're obviously going to think a certain way about me and it hurts me to my core when I have to deal with stuff from my past today," she said. "I'd like to think I'm a strong f--king person, I'm balling my eyes out because people can't comprehend what depression is or why I stayed away from Leah when I was in such a bad part. If you can't comprehend that, that's not my problem, but it hurts. You're bullying me."

Speaking about her suicidal thoughts, she added, "I was gonna hang myself and that's real shit. I come home, I try to talk to my loving fans who I adore and I gotta deal with people calling me a bad mom, because of some bullshit that's not real. I'm done, I'm done with this show, I f--king quit, this show is done."

She then appeared to unload on MTV for not giving her the proper time off she needed for her mental health. "How long did they give Catelynn off? Answer that. I got a f--king week," she said. FYI: Catelynn went to a treatment center for a month.

When Dr. Drew asked if she would go to treatment, she was adamantly against it, however, saying she's been working on herself at home just fine. "I'm doing my stuff at home with the nanny, with a psychiatric, but guess what, I get a f--king week," she shot back. "With postpartum depression. This is bullshit. There's so much shit, we couldn't even get it in one show. What I'm doing right now is working. I'm trying."

The interview ended with Dr. Drew saying he'd miss her "profoundly" if she left the show. When Amber responded saying, "I just feel like nobody else would," the studio audience showed her love. She'll be back for part two of the reunion, though her future on the show remains unclear.

Bristol Palin

Palin was bogged down in a nasty back and forth with ex-husband Dakota Meyer all season long, something she said was "difficult" to relive watching it all back. Speaking with the hosts, she also admitted she didn't know how to cope with his PTSD, something that led to the breakdown of her marriage.

"I can't imagine what he's gone through and that realm, it's not talked about enough," she said. "I didn't know how to be there, do you want me to try and calm you down, do you want me to leave you alone -- as a wife I didn't know what to do." Bristol also copped to "shutting down" whenever his anxiety resurfaced.

Speaking about their divorce, Palin added that she feels "terrible as a mom," especially for son Tripp. "I feel like I've kind of failed, with his dad [Levi Johnston], not being with his dad. I introduce somebody else into his life, we're a family and now he doesn't have that family," she added. "For me it's been really difficult to try and navigate those waters. It's not a good feeling to have -- feeling like a failure."

Catelynn Lowell

Before Tyler joined her on stage, Catelynn spoke about becoming pregnant again and her time in treatment.

She admitted to the hosts that this baby wasn't planned and they were using protection on a regular basis ... until one "drunk happy night" they didn't. "One time, that's all it takes, just one time," added Lowell.

Throughout the season, Lowell had said she discovered she was still dealing with "childhood trauma" while in treatment, but never went into the specifics of what that trauma actually was. Speaking with Dr. Drew, she clarified: "My dad leaving when I was younger, I really struggle with abandonment issues. Also my mom, she struggled with alcoholism."

The rest of the interview focused on the trial separation she and Tyler will be stepping into. Most of this was rehashed over and over again through the season, with Catelynn saying she was skeptical at first, but is supportive of her husband's decision since he supported her while she was away.

"The goal is to figure out who we are as individuals," he said of the separation. When Dr. Drew noted that "a lot of separations end in divorce," Baltierra seemed surprised, saying, "I didn't know that."

Maci Bookout and Cheyenne Floyd

There's not nearly as much to talk about with these two. Drew applauded Maci for seeming like she was in a good place these days, despite her ex, Ryan, sending a death threat to husband Taylor McKinney.

"It was scary, that's when I realized it was no longer Ryan we were dealing with, it was the drug," she said. Ryan has since been in rehab, where he still speaks with his son. "When he gets to talk about Ryan, he lights up, unlike he ever has before," Maci said of Bentley.

For Cheyenne, she spoke about how Cory is "such a good dad" to daughter Ryder that "it's irritating sometimes," before revealing she took 13 pregnancy tests before accepting the truth. She added that they're "not ready to be in a relationship" with each other right now, but put it all on Cory, saying he's "still young, he likes to have fun."

A preview promises they'll confront their true feelings for each other next week.

"Teen Mom OG" airs Mondays on MTV.