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Jimmy Fallon and Lana Condor learn that sometimes it's best not to share everything, like how long you watched your parents having sex.

Jimmy Fallon looked like he was really onto something with a heartwarming song for his high school musical about acceptance and being true to ourselves. Then Bryan Cranston joined in.

The star of "The Upside" joined Fallon's "Tonight Show" ensemble as the school nerd playing opposite Fallon as the star quarterback and Lana Condor as a perky cheerleader. And after watching his fellow jocks make fun of the awkward Cranston, Fallon decided to make him feel more normal by revealing something about himself.

Honestly, this started off as the kind of song you might hear in a real high school musical on Disney or Nickelodeon with Fallon revealing his passion for knitting and Condor talking about how she's really a secret gamer. It's only the phony social constructs of high school that force them to keep their secrets and conform to expectations.

Sounds pretty alright so far, right?

Well, the stage was set for everyone to feel more connected to the social outcast -- complete with stereotypical high-waisted pants, glasses and dental gear -- and Cranston stepped up to share his secret that would make him more relatable to the class. Only that's not what happened at all.

"One time I walked in on my parents having sex and I didn't leave right away," he started a verse that left his classmates horrified as he revealed that he even learned something from them.

Things only got worse from there as he shared more stories of how his life is most definitely not like everyone else's. Turns out him being socially ostracized may have more to do with his terrible life choices than it does his appearance and overall awkwardness.

We're not sure kids are going to get the right message from this song. Might need a little more workshopping before its totally ready for its premiere at your local high school auditorium.

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