Anne Hathaway's Matthew McConaughey Impression Is Better Than Yours
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They co-star in a new thriller together, and she picked up a few of his signature mannerisms.

Anne Hathaway cracked Jimmy Kimmel up Monday night with her impression of her "Serenity" co-star Matthew McConaughey, and the actress even provided a few tips for viewers to beef up their impersonation of the commonly quoted actor.

"Does he know that you do an impersonation of him? Everybody does an impersonation. Yours is very good," Kimmel said. "Most people go with 'alright, alright, alright,' but you know that's kind of copout."

"That's a starter," Hathaway agreed, and then said it's more fun to just riff on any subject using his signature mannerisms (McConerisms?). Kimmel tossed her the topic of football, and off she went, incorporating his southern draw and laid-back posture.

"I feel like I'm in the backseat of a Lincoln right now," Kimmel joked.

There's no justice we can do to Hathaway's impression with words, but we did appreciate her brief tutorial on how to best channel your inner McConaughey.

"You're with him and all of the sudden you find yourself kind of like leaning back. You lean back, you talk, and maybe you don't enunciate as much, but sometimes you do -- you e-nun-ciate in-tention-al-ly."

According to Hathaway and Kimmel, the Oscar-winning actor has a real effect on people around him. "He's just such a delightfully unusual person. Do you find yourself becoming part of his orbit?" Kimmel asked. "Because I've been around him a few times, and everyone just kind of does what he's up to."

"Absolutely," Hathaway said. "You drink more, you feel a little bit cooler, he's just great."

Hathaway and McConaughey lead the cast of the Jan. 25 release "Serenity," in which she plays a woman asking her fishing boat captain ex-husband to kill her new abusive husband at sea. Based on the trailer, it seems things get way more complicated. Watch that below.

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