29 Famous Faces You Totally Forgot Appeared in 'Sex and the City'

But even she admits Sarah Jessica Parker made it the show we all know and love.

"Riverdale's" own Mädchen Amick has more than a few huge TV shows on her resume, but there's one iconic series she actually turned down.

While appearing on "Live with Kelly and Ryan" Tuesday, the "Twin Peaks" alum claimed she passed on a role -- possible the role -- on "Sex and the City."

Could you imagine?!

Back in the mid-90s, Amick starred as Carrie Fairchild in the short-lived soap opera "Central Park West" or "C.P.W." After the show was canceled, writer-creator Darren Star turned his attentions toward another series about the Big Apple, adapting Candace Bushnell's New York Observer column, "Sex and the City."

"Was [C.P.W] the precursor to 'Sex and the City?'" host Kelly Ripa asked Amick this morning. "Yes. My character was spun-off to be 'Sex and the City.' I got the phone call and I got the offer," she replied.

While that spin-off claim is news to us, the 2018 book "Sex and the City and Us" said Bushnell did get the pseudonym "Carrie" from Amick's character on "C.P.W." The column, however, was based on the writer's own life in NYC.

"You know 'Central Park West' was hard for me to do anyway because my babies were little. They were four and five," she continued. "And I turned it down... because I was like, 'I can't do another hour show. I'm not going to be there as a mom.' And then it became 'Sex and the City.'"

And even though she walked away from it, even Amick admitted the show is what it is because of Sarah Jessica Parker. "I mean she killed it," she said, "That was her moment. That was her show."

Watch the full interview below.

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