Every 'Masked Singer' Reveal So Far

The judges are left absolutely gobsmacked by one of the reveals as the Bee, Monster and Peacock slide into next week's grande finale.

It's the semifinals already on "The Masked Singer" and we'd be sad if that didn't also mean that it's a double elimination night!

Five celebrities remained in the competition, but only three could move on to next week's grand finale. And everyone left has made their mark on that stage. It's been a wild ride, and we're sad it's almost over.

From the Vegas stylings of Peacock to the growing confidence of Lion, the quirky fun of Monster, the stage mastery of Rabbit and the clearly legendary Bee we both wanted to see them all unmasked, and were sad to think of any of them leaving the competition.

To help with tonight's not-so-tough guesses, "Saturday Night Live" star Kenan Thompson joined our panel of inept guessers. You'd think by this point we've all kind of settled on who we think these people are, right? Well, you'd be wrong.

In their defense, this show does appear to have been taped in its entirety before it even began airing, so the panel doesn't have the advantages we do of digging deeper into these mysteries week by week. Still, with guesses like theirs, we're not sure it would have helped.

Tonight, the two weakest performers got the boot, but we're going to make you power through the terrible (and occasionally good) guesses made by our illustrious panel of Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger first. We do this because we love ... to torture you.


"Again with the magic," Jenny McCarthy lamented as Peacock's latest clue package began and we're just as frustrated. We are so tired of hearing her list of every magician she can think of knowing that it's not any of them!

He referred to his fans as his "soldiers of affection" and said he was going to be the "idol" we all deserve. That does not -- Jenny McCarthy -- mean it is Ryan Seacrest. What about Ryan Seacrest makes you think he has any of that musical ability in him? This isn't word association.

Is it?

He also cited "It had to be you," but that doesn't mean Frank Sinatra defied death to come be a masked singer. Of course, Donny Osmond has performed that song alongside his sister Marie, but then again, who hasn't?

This week's internet clue tells us he "has 80 million reasons to love life," and that number has special significance to the Osmond brothers as they both earned and lost that amount during their early days touring, but think it was probably the best thing for them as it taught them fiscal responsibility and humility.

This week, Peacock got his groove on, even dancing with some of the ladies in the audience, which is the kind of audience interaction we've come to expect from the Las Vegas staple.

Tonight, he told Robin that he was inspired by "Blurred Lines" for a track on one of his albums, which got Robin convinced it was "Weird Al" Yankovic. And while he would totally do this show, doesn't that seem a bit too obvious.

Nicole is convinced it's Neil Patrick Harris, but Jenny McCarthy is still certain it's Donny Osmond and we're still riding high on Team Donny as well.


The Monster keeps laying on the game references, even going so far as to show a Monster board game. Side note, how long before we can get Monster merchandise? We'd kill for a stuffed animal of this adorable creature.

He said he was vilified and crucified for sounding like a ringtone, which still fits our theory that this is T-Pain, who suffered an epic backlash over his use of autotune, which became his signature sound. The internet added that he loves the "good life," which happens to be a song T-Pain performed in with Kanye West.

When he talked about losing his cool and wanting a comeback for the past ten years, the panel latched on to the first part and thought Sean Penn and Russell Crowe were hiding secret talents as amazing performers.

And then, throwing it all to the wayside, a dude dressed in an adorable monster costume wearing a suit jacket just took Sam Smith's "Stay With Me" straight to church and back. It was an unbelievably powerful performance and we mean that quite literally.

He even combed his monster hair for this look. The visual juxtaposed with the beauty of his voice left everyone in tears. Kenan jumped on our first guess way back when with CeeLo Green, which is still possible, but no one ever doubted his vocal ability.

When asked who he was, the Monster summed it up with, "I'm a person." He wants this chance to prove himself so badly it transcends the silliness of the show, and we hope he gets everything he was hoping to out of it.

We see you, T-Pain and you are incredible. And you deserve to get everything you've ever wanted. Robin was right, that was a Grammy-worthy performance and all the naysayers can just shut the hell up right now.


The internet clue is that she "goes the whole 9 yards in everything she does," and Rumer Willis totally had an uncredited role in that film starring her "Hollywood royalty" father, Bruce. She also dropped more references to her famous parents and "empire," which continues to fit our guess.

She threw some more red herrings with Destiny's Child and Wilson Phillips hints. When she hit the stage, she certainly showed a soulfulness in her voice, but it wasn't quite as sharp as any of those professional singers.

Instead, Lion seemed determined to prove herself as a vocalist. It's a similar mission to the Monster, but hers is more about wanting prove herself as something more than the famous offspring everyone already knows.

Unfortunately, her ambition got a little ahead of her voice here and she lost total control of the melody and tune, just proving that she's not quite the professional singer she aspires to be. Not to say she couldn't get there, but you can tell she's the least polished of the remaining semifinalists.

Ken got some boos when he suggested that there are no actresses who can sing like that, but there are plenty of double threats out here, even triple threats. And he'll look even more like a fool when she's unmasked than he did when he didn't recognize his on-screen sister, Margaret Cho.


The internet clue said the Rabbit "started as a wolf and he still breaks hearts," which could be a reference to the 2006 "Red Riding Hood" film starring one Joey Fatone as the wolf. His package showed a love of the outdoors with more boy band references.

"Step by Step" was obviously New Kids on the Block, but we think he's just keeping the panel on their toes and the boy band connection is the only one that matters. Kenan immediately went with Nick Lachey.

Keeping with his motif of mixing things up, The Rabbit took on The Temptations "My Girl," and was even accompanied by images of the female contestants on the show in their full get-ups as representatives of his girls.

It wasn't his strongest performance, but he's definitely proving the diversity he's capable of. He just should have picked a more dynamic song to show more of his range and personality. Rabbit's quirkiness has carried him so far, but is he being outdone by the Monster?

We think he was totally putting on a faux accent when talking, but he also referenced again that he's performed in costume before, which we recall from Joey's youth working as a costumed character in a theme park.

Nicole was on the same page with us once again, thinking it was Joey Fatone behind the mask, while Kenan was on the Nick Lachey train and Jenny is getting more and more convinced that it's her husband Donnie Wahlberg.


No matter which legendary R&B icon this is, there was no doubt she was going to raise the roof off of the place by taking on Aretha Franklin's "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman." And she did just that. She may not have the dynamic moves of some of the younger performers, but she can sing circles around most of them.

Her clue package immediately tried to throw the scent off of Gladys Knight, suggesting she might have been giving off mixed messages on purpose. She went back into the kitchen and praised her peach cobbler.

Now, Patti LaBelle has a legendary peach cobbler, but Knight's restaurants have one as well. But could she have been Ms. LaBelle all this time? Kenan had absolutely no doubt in his mind that it's Gladys Knight, with the Pips the three little guys dancing in her clue package.

Did we mention that the internet clue was, "Who knew bees and flamingos cohabitate." Ms. Gladys Knight has performed at the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, and did so early in her career with the Pips as well.

There are LaBelle Flamingo connections as well, with her performing at the Flamingo Club in the UK and even having music released on an Australian label by that name, but our money is still on the "Empress of Soul," as "empress" was also an early clue.


First up, it was the end of the road for the Lion. The judges threw out their final guesses with Jenny hanging on the girl group clues that it's Kelly Rowland with Kenan backing that play, while Nicole thinks she has a white tone to her voice and it's Hailee Steinfeld.

Ken went with En Vogue's Dawn Robinson out of nowhere, but Robin was on the Destiny's Child train, too, selecting Michelle Williams as his final pick. But in the end, none of them were right.

But we totally were as Rumer Willis was revealed and she definitely fulfilled her mission of showing America that she has killer pipes underneath all that Hollywood pedigree.

Next up, in a true shocker, the Rabbit was the next one shown the door. Okay, maybe it's not too much of a surprise as all four of the remaining singers at this point were incredible and it had to be somebody.

The panel's final guesses were Nick Lachey for Kenan, Backstreet Boys' Kevin Richardson for Ken and Jenny McCarthy decided that her own husband has been playing her for a fool and it's Donnie Wahlberg.

But we like where Robin and Nicole's heads are at on this one because obviously it's been Joey Fatone this whole time. And it obviously was. We're definitely going to miss his wild energy and quirky character on the show, but he stood his own as a soloist, and we think that's what he wanted.

"The Masked Singer" concludes next Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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