Hollywood BFFs Join in on the Galentine's Day Fun

All six remaining celebrities take the stage in the same show for the first time all season, meaning we get to enjoy Monster, Alien, Bee, Lion, Rabbit and Peacock all at once!

For the first time all season, every celebrity on "The Masked Singer" is performing in the same week, and we could not be more excited.

Yes, we are unapologetically in love with this show and every bit of its lunacy. Plus, we are so stoked that we get to see all our favorite performers every week from now on. No more weeks without the Rabbit or Monster, people!

Nick Cannon gave us this little kernel of fun: the six finalists have 54 Grammy nominations, 41 gold records, have been in 49 films and 8 Broadway shows ... and yet that doesn't help us know who any of them are.

It does confirm that this is a very talented bunch, and we feel like we've weeded out all the athletes and are left only with bona fide entertainers and singers. That's going to make the elimination votes even harder.

Even worse, we suspect the contestants started throwing out misleading clues on purpose, playing on some of the guesses they've heard from the panel. That's only going to make it harder to figure out who everyone is ... unless you're us, of course, We've got everyone on lock!

Once again, the weakest performer of the night got the boot, but we're going to make you power through the terrible (and occasionally good) guesses made by our illustrious panel of Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger first. And this week they were joined by the even worse guesser J.B. Smoove. We do this because we love ... to torture you.


Before we get into the clues and who we think this is, we just want to say that we have enjoyed the hell out of the Monster on this journey. Sure it helps that his costume is just adorable, but there's something so endearing and sincere about him, too.

The new internet clue was "Ring.. Ring... Ring..." which we can add to the show's clue package, including Monster saying the show gives him a chance to share his true voice with the world. He grew up in a dangerous neighborhood in the south.

He discovered a gift that gave him success and awards until he was told he wasn't the real deal. "I couldn't let them make me a bad boy for life." (Yes, Jenny said P. Diddy at this point) He said he decided to come out from under the bed and step into the ring, and yes he mentioned swinging again.

This put Nicole into boxing, so J.B. name-dropped Mike Tyson, which was completely ridiculous. But we don't think J.B. is taking this seriously at all. Still, his guesses are about as good as the rest of the panel.

Now we've been on the T-Pain train for awhile now, and he dropped an album a decade ago called "Thr33 Ringz," which fits that Internet clue pretty good. He grew up in a rough neighborhood in Tallahassee, Florida and is still trying to overcome the stigma his use of auto-tune has done to his credibility.

What a great way to make that statement by coming onto a weird show like this where he could sing week in and week out before everyone discovered who he was. We're not totally sold on his take on Joan Jett's "I Love Rock and Roll," but we love that he's exploring different sounds to throw everyone off the scent.


While we think we already know who this is based on previous clues, we did get some new ones this week, including an old-style film package where she talked about a cabaret in Chicago, "I like that people still can't say my name," she said.

Yes, she's still dropping Destiny's Child references, but she also mentioned the Bluegrass state, which is Kentucky. Well guess where our favorite pick was born? Paducah, Kentucky. She also dropped the phrases "true grit" and "separate from the pack," but we latched onto "build my own empire," because it fits our narrative. Hey, we can totally do that.

Rumer Willis became a series regular on "Empire" in its fourth season. See what we did there? She's definitely from Hollywood royalty. But Nicole wasn't off in connecting the "true grit" mention to the "Gold Found in Hailey" reference before, as Hailee Steinfeld was in that film. But that's not who this is; those are red herrings, friends.

But perhaps more importantly, her mission to let people see her for herself and believe in her voice before they pre-judge her is totally working because she sounded fantastic on this Lady Gaga jam, showing so much nuance and diversity in her voice.

She really has a polished instrument and a tremendous talent that we could totally see on the radio. Should we be surprised, though? Bruce Willis has been a successful recording artist already in his career.


Once again, she referenced her connection to the law, as well as an emphasis on the word "criminal," which makes us think of our pick's famous brother. Come on, this has to be LaToya Jackson; she basically showed us her police badge from Muncie, Indiana and that's pretty damned specific.

It's kind of funny that the latitude and longitude she gave in her fake law offices commercial are the toll-free line for Jackson Hewitt Tax Services. We have no idea how to tie this into our clue, but her whole package largely left us scratching our heads.

It was a lot more about models and runways, though it also mentioned fashion disasters, and LaToya has certainly fallen victim to many of those. The Internet clued us in to the fact that she is one of 10 aliens in her pod, and there were ten children of Joe and Katherine Jackson.

Her "moment of truth" clue was that she'd been on the NYT bestsellers list twice. Now our girl has written two books that were both bestsellers because everything that Jackson family touches is gold, so we're still feeling good about this one. Jenny's picking up what we're putting down.

She sounded a bit too timid with this take on "Ex's & Oh's," which could be that gentle sweetness in LaToya's voice that she just can't seem to shake. This wasn't her strongest performance, but she's definitely the real deal.


Come on, we've got to have this legendary "Empress" of music one on lock by now, right? The internet tells us she "loves the colors peach and silver," and TV added some song titles to mix things up like "Superwoman" (Gladys Knight, Dionne Warwick and Patti LaBelle) and "New Attitude" (LaBelle again) and "We Don't Need Another Hero" (Tina Turner).

Basically, the Bee knows that we're on to her and she's trying to throw everybody off the scent. She's clearly an iconic vocalist from half a century ago, but which one is she? Well, we're still feeling pretty rock solid with our guess that it's the "Empress of Soul" herself, Ms. Gladys Knight.

We already know she kicked off her career at the tender age of eight and there are Georgia peach references everywhere. She ruled Tina Turner out herself by saying she was singing a song from a very close friend before belting out, "What's Love Got to Do With It."

The audience is certainly getting a treat in getting to see her perform live as she is absolutely stellar in everything she does, and you could see how much more confident and comfortable she was on this throwback tune. This is a living legend and the show is honored to have her.

In her moment of truth she revealed that she has ten Grammys, but our girl only has seven. But guess what? Gladys Knight & The Pips have ... THREE! Yeah, we're totally still in the Gladys Knight business here. And what an amazing voice she has.


This guy "loves to sink his teeth into a big, fat Italian ice," according to the internet and that ties in perfectly with previous hot dog references and Joey Fatone's Fat One's Hot Dogs and Italian Ice business.

Once again he dropped in a major NSYNC reference with the imagery of others pulling his strings just like we saw in their classic video for "Bye Bye Bye." Just like Gladys, we think Rabbit was trying to throw the panel with references to his "achy heart" and "hanging tough" -- recalling Billy Ray Cyrus and New Kids on the Block, respectively.

But he also dropped a reference to the Sunshine State, and while Fatone was born in Brooklyn, his family moved to Florida when he was a teenager. Jenny is thinking JC Chasez, which is a solid second choice but it just doesn't fit as many of the clues.

We love how when Jenny finally dropped Fatone's name, everyone jumped on board that like they'd been thinking it all along. That's a pretty good way to make sure you're not wrong. Yeah, I've been thinking that the whole time, I just never, ever, ever, ever said it. But I was totally thinking it as I was saying other things.

For his "moment of truth" he revealed that he has 17 tattoos, and while we haven't counted them we can confirm that Fatone has tattoos, so we're taking this one as a vote in our favor. If we're wrong, we are going to go down swinging ... wait, does that mean we're Mike Tyson now?

One thing there's no doubt about, though, is that Rabbit is killing the game. He brought a fresh vibe to Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely," and not just anyone can sing Stevie. This guy is the real deal and with a voice that strong, it's crazy he's not broken out already with a solo career.


If our pick is right, how cool is it that this Vegas crooner took on The Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face" for this week's performance? But as great as that was we may never forgive him for saying his talent has led him down many magical paths.

That got Jenny thinking magician again and honestly we think it's an obsession with this panel now. We also think there are no magicians in this panel and they need to learn to stop taking things so literally.

In his video he showed a frame with "Department of Youth" on it, which sounds like it might just be in reference to his career starting at five years old, as we already knew. But it's also the name of an Alice Cooper song.

That doesn't mean we think it's Alice under the mask -- we're not the panel -- but guess who gets a shout-out at the end of Alice's song? That's right, Donny Osmond's name is in the lyrics to this rock song, which just makes us even more confident we're right.

And once again, Jenny threw out Donny's name and our girl is on fire this week. She may have just gone from the most clueless panelist to the sharpest. Sure, she's way behind the curve still, but we're still proud she's stepping up here toward the end.

His mention of royal fans, including the Queen of England, got Jenny to actually shout out Elton John, which is wrong for two reasons. One, it's Elton John and just no. But also, Sir Elton John has a not-so-slight accent, and we're not so sure he'd be good enough to turn it American as effectively as Peacock sounds.


We're to the point now that there are no bad voices left in the competition, so it's going to be more of a toss-up as to who gets voted out each week. This time around, it was bad news for Alien.

But it was good news for us because that sweet voice absolutely belonged to LaToya Jackson. It's practically a family trait she shared with both Michael and Janet.

Props to Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke for landing on LaToya as their guesses. Just as we were thinking Jenny is getting it together she goes and picks Sofia Richie and now we're wondering if she's just lucking into the right answers by throwing so many names out there.

Next week, it's the semifinals, but even more dramatically, we will get to witness the unmasking of two singers. We are way too excited about this show.

"The Masked Singer" airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

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