Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson Tackle Ariana Grande and a Lie Detector Test During 'Carpool Karaoke'
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Larson's left red-faced after allegedly lying about Jackson's fashion choices.

Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson are testing the boundaries of their friendship.

In an extended preview for Friday's new episode of "Carpool Karaoke: The Series," Jackson challenges his "Captain Marvel" co-star to an intense and absolutely hilarious lie-detector test to reveal how Larson really feels about him.

And yes, she was caught fibbing.

After belting out a "flossy" rendition of Ariana Grande's hit "7 Rings," Jackson tells Larson that he believes they should work on the "bond" and "trust" between them. The actor pulls over to pick up his "friend," which actually turns out to be a polygraph examiner named John. The carpool addition attaches wires to Larson and then hops in the back seat. "Sam, is this really necessary?" Larson says as she's put in the hot seat.

"Would you be honest with me if you didn't like my performance in a scene?" Jackson asks first. No," Larson immediately replies. "I would not be honest with you. Nope." True.

"Do you actually like my Kangol hats," Jackson inquires next. "Yes," Larson replies. John says this is a lie. "That's not a lie! That is not a lie!" Larson exclaims. The actress then seemingly gets caught in another fib as she says she likes Jackson's singing voice, with John once again saying she's not telling the truth. "He's making shit up!" Larson jokes.

When the tables turned, the Oscar-winning actress asks the "Pulp Fiction" star if he honestly likes her Captain Marvel suit. He says he does. True.

"Would you be honest with me if you didn't like my performance in a scene?" Larson then inquires. "Oh hell yeah," Jackson replies. Larson points out that Jackson has done this on many occasions. True. "[I] have not!" Jackson, as Larson replies, "Yes [you have] but good notes!"

When Larson asks Jackson if he's ever farted while filming a scene, he candidly admits, "All. The. Time." True.

That line of questioning comes to an end with Larson asking, "Did you fart when we were doing this?" Jackson replies, "Of course not!" John pipes up from the back seat and says, "That's a lie." "Unbelievable!" Larson jokes.

One thing is definitely true: we want more from this duo! "Captain Marvel" hits theaters March 8._

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