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"That's a hell of a technique!" James Corden replies to Sharon's epic story.

Many moons ago, Sharon Osbourne had a career as a successful music manager. It was a time when very few women were managing acts.

When "Late Late Show" host James Corden asked the wife of legendary rock star Ozzy Osbourne how she was able to thrive in a world dominated by men, she told him a story we're all better for knowing.

"At that time in the '70s, there weren't any female managers," Sharon explained Wednesday night. "And I was very mean and crass. I was really crass. You think I'm crass now?!"

"I would just go in there like, 'My shit don't stink. I know what I'm doing. Don't mess with me!'" she recalled. "It was a kind of protection. It was a shield, because half the time, I didn't know what I was doing. But I thought, if you act like this, people will be wary of you."

Corden then asked his guest if the rumor she once headbutted a promoter at a concert was true. Lucky for us, that actually did happen.

"He wouldn't pay us the full money," Sharon explained. "He was trying to say, 'Oh, we spent this on advertising,' but he didn't! The show sold out in one day, and he had like a month's worth of advertising bills, and I'm like, 'C'mon.'"

"He wouldn't give us that money, so I just stood up and headbutted him," she added with a smile and a nod. The audience erupted in cheers.

"That's a hell of a technique!" Corden replied.

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