Tamar Braxton Reveals Beef Status with Sisters, 'The Real' and 'Celebrity Big Brother' Costars
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Regarding 'The Real,' she says, "I'm for sure not going to go on the press tour like some people have."

Andy Cohen had Tamar Braxton weed through her various public feuds during her appearance on "Watch What Happens Live" on Sunday night and nothing was off the table.

As she fielded questions from both the host and his viewers, Tamar addressed past beef with her former cohosts on "The Real," her own family members and her "Celebrity Big Brother" housemates.

First up: "The Real."

Tamar's contract for the morning talk show wasn't renewed back in 2016. At the time, the reasons behind the decision were kept private and all of her cohosts denied having any part of the decision. Loni Love spoke about it at length here.

When she was given the boot, she posted a message to social media saying she had been "stabbed in the back." On Sunday, Andy asked whether she was referring to someone at "The Real," since it happened right before she "left" the show.

"I definitely didn't leave 'The Real,' I got fired from 'The Real,'" she clarified. "It has been said, but I don't know for sure, I'm for sure not going to go on the press tour like some people have."

"But I just, at my point in my life, I'm past that. I wish everybody well," she continued. "My life has evolved and I'm happy. I don't even want to talk about things in my past anymore because I made it through. Here I am."

Next: her sisters.

Tamar and her family had a huge falling out on "Braxton Family Values" last year, after their planned sit-down with "Fix My Life" host Iyanla Vanzant ended with Tamar walking out on filming.

"Things are better," she said of her relationship with her sisters now. "I don't know if it was necessarily that conversation that we had [with Iyanla], but I think we all made a conscious choice to get along and be a real family."

"Here's the thing, all families fall out all the time, we always have arguments, it's just not shown on television," she continued. "Our situation is a little more heightened. I think that I went through a lot last year and my sisters rallied around me and we all decided to bury the hatchet."

As for her time on "Celebrity Big Brother," there were reports she and Lolo Jones got into a physical altercation that caused the show's online live feeds to go out. While Tamar didn't exactly deny beef with Lolo, she said she didn't throw any punches.

"First of all, I don't get physical with anybody, I don't fight. This face? No no," she said. "We did get in an argument, but I don't put my hands on nobody and don't come for me because I'm from Baltimore."

Andy saw it as a chance to throw some shade toward the Olympian, saying, "I watched 'Celebrity Big Brother' and I still can't figure out who Lolo Jones is, who is she?" Tamar got a laugh out for that.

When asked who in the cast she didn't think was "worthy" of being called "an actual celebrity," she said Kato Kaelin. "I was trying to figure out what he was known for. He was giving a testimony, that makes you famous?" she said of the OJ trial witness. "No shade though."