Charlamagne Tha God Had a 'Front-Row Seat' As He Witnessed the 'Abuse' Wendy Williams Endured
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"She got a lot of healing to do and I'm all about healing and letting go of toxic people in your life," Charlamagne says of Williams.

Charlamagne Tha God claims Wendy Williams endured "a lot of abuse" over the years.

On Thursday's episode of Power 105.1's "The Breakfast Club," the radio personality was asked by his co-host about a recent phone call he made to Williams following the news she's divorcing Kevin Hunter, where he asked her out to dinner. Charlamagne said it wasn't a romantic invitation, but rather an olive branch in their rocky friendship and to offer his support to Williams as she goes through the divorce process.

"For me, someone who used to be friends with Wendy, work with Wendy and having a front-row seat to a lot of the abuse I saw her endure, I'm just happy she's finally free," he said on the show. "We did speak on the phone for a very long time. It was just good for us to clear the air on a lot of things and I wish her the best."

"She got a lot of healing to do and I'm all about healing and letting go of toxic people in your life," he continued. "And I think when you let go of toxic people in your life, that's a big step in loving yourself. So, I hope she keeps going. And I also know, in times like this, people need support and love, so I have no problem showing her support and letting her know I'm here if she needs me."

Although Charlamagne stressed the dinner would be strictly platonic, his co-hosts asked him who would be paying for this affair. It turns out the "Guy Code" alum has a specific rule he abides by when it comes to paying for meals.

"I have a stern rule that if I go to dinner with somebody who has more money than me, they have to pay," he joked. "So, I think it would be only right for her to pay."

On her show Wednesday, Williams said she got not one, but two phone calls from men wanting to ask her out, now that she's a single lady. The first was from DJ Boof, who gets the audience pumped during the morning talk show. The second was from Charlamagne.

"The invitations for social events keep pouring into my phone and stuff. They really do," Williams began. "I was minding my own business last night, reading my book -- you know, I love to read -- and all of a sudden my cellphone rings."

It was Boof, who was asking her out to dinner. She agreed to the offer and told him, "I will see you over the weekend. Pick me up on time."

After getting some food delivered, Wiliams said she sat down to eat and read a book when her phone rang again.

"It wasn't Boof -- it was Charlamagne," she recalled. "Charlamagne wanted to take me for dinner!" Williams explained she couldn't go out with the radio personality because she already had plans with boof. Luckily, Charlamagne had a solution.

"So Charlamagne says, 'Well, I know Boof. Why don't we both take you out?'" she said. "So, I said, 'Look, I'm reading, I have my food here. You call Boof.'"

Williams ultimately chose to take both men up on their offers, "I have a double date!" she said."

Last Thursday, it was reported Williams had filed for divorce from Hunter, with whom they share son Kevin Jr., 19. The couple, who were married for over two decades, have had problems with their relationship in the past including when Hunter cheated on Williams following the birth of their son, as detailed by the host in her 2004 memoir "Wendy's Got The Heat."

However, Hunter reportedly cheated on Williams again with Sharina Hudson, who is alleged to have recently given birth to Hunter's child.

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