Dorinda Medley Feels 'Absolutely' Vindicated After Seeing Luann de Lesseps Turn on Bethenny Frankel
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Luann has fallen out with numerous friends and co-stars over the years, and Dorinda finally feels that the world is on her side.

"Real Housewives of New York" star Dorinda Medley feels completely liberated after seeing the way Luann de Lesseps turned on the co-star who helped save her life, Bethenny Frankel.

When a caller on Wednesday's "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" asked Dorin if she felt "somewhat vindicated from last season after seeing how Luann takes Bethenny for granted," Dorinda replied forcefully, "Absolutely!"

"Absolutely, because you gotta remember this wasn't the first time," she added. "There was Barbara, then there was me, then there was Bethenny. As Dr. Phil said, 'Past behavior represents future behavior.'"

Dorinda was referring to the multiple times Luann has fallen out with her friends and co-stars over the years. The first was with Barbara Kavovit, who whispered to Carole Radziwill two seasons ago that Lu would "rather go through with [her wedding to Tom D'Agostino] and get divorced than call it off." Cameras caught the whisper, and when Luann saw it air, she stopped speaking to Barbara. They rekindled their friendship only after Lu filed for divorce from Tom -- after seven months of marriage.

The second falling out was with Dorinda, who last season made some insensitive comments about Luann's drunk arrest after Luann made some insensitive comments about Dorinda's drinking habits. Dorinda then heckled (although she claims she didn't) Luann at the latter's cabaret show because Lu didn't extend an invite to Dorinda's boyfriend after they both put Luann in contact with the company who made all her dresses for the show -- "Jovani! Jovani!"

This season, Luann lashed out at Bethenny behind her back after Dorinda told Luann she had already promised the "best" room in her Berkshires home to Bethenny. At the time, Bethenny had just lost her boyfriend, and the women felt she should get priority. But Luann vocally resented "Madame Bethenny" for always getting her way. When Bethenny got word of the comments, she was livid. After all, it was Bethenny and Barbara who intervened on Lu and got her to rehab the second time around.

But the comments hurt Dorinda, too. After Dorin extended the Berkshires invite to Luann despite their rocky relationship, Luann responded by throwing a tantrum about having to sleep in the "fish room."

"It seemed like you were really going out of your way to meet Luann's needs," Andy noted, referencing the yoga class and massage Dorinda set up for Lu at the latter's request.

"Well, you know what, I decided going in that my mantra was, 'Take the high road. There's less traffic up there,'" Dorinda explained. "I didn't want her to be able to distract what I was trying to do. The point was trying to finally talk with her and ask her, 'Do you wanna be friends or not? I'm not continuing this.' And I knew that she would use any point to make an excuse not to go there because Luann doesn't always like to confront things."

"The Real Housewives of New York" airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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