10 Songs You Gotta Hear on #NewMusicFriday: Lil Dicky, Cardi B, Travis Scott, Lizzo, Madonna
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SZA, The Weeknd and Travis Scott drop "Power Is Power" from HBO's "Game of Thrones" just in time for Episode 2.

Lil Dicky pretty much shut down this week's #NewMusicFriday by releasing a massive, star-studded single called "Earth."

The song is one, big call to action to help save the planet and is accompanied by a lengthy, animated music video featuring celebrities as animals and plants.

Justin Bieber is a baboon whose "anus is huge," Ariana Grande is a zebra who looks "pretty cool" despite no one knowing what zebras really do, Halsey is a lion cub who's "always getting licked," Wiz Khalifa is a skunk, Snoop Dogg is a marijuana plant that "can get you f--ked up," Adam Levine is a group of vultures, Shawn Mendes is a rhino and Ed Sheeran is a koala.

Kevin Hart also plays animated Kanye West, a decision Lil Dicky explained to TIME: "There's a part that I wrote for Kanye. I'm friendly with Kanye -- I used to play basketball with him -- but I left myself like three days to get Kanye on the phone and couldn't get in touch with him. He was pretty unreachable; he changed his email and his cell phone. So I reached out to Kevin Hart and asked, 'Would you play Kanye?' and he said yes."

The video also features animated Leonardo DiCaprio voiced by Leo himself. He's seen riding at the front of a Titanic-style boat while holding a globe -- because of course. Net profits from the song, video and merchandise will be going to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which is "dedicated to the protection and well-being of all Earth's inhabitants."

In other new-music news, rapper Lizzo released her third studio album, "Cuz I Love You," which is already No. 2 on Apple Music; Cardi B and Offset teamed up on the sizzling video for "Clout;" SZA, The Weeknd and Travis Scott dropped "Power Is Power" from HBO's "Game of Thrones" soundtrack, "For the Throne;" Madonna and Maluma collaborated on "Medellín;" French Montana released "Slide," featuring Blueface and Lil Tjay; and DJ Armin van Buuren teamed up with Garibay on "Phone Down."

Of working with Lady Gaga's producer, Fernando Garibay, Armin told TooFab, "It was amazing to work with him again. We have an amazing connection, and Fernando is such an amazingly talented musician. I have so much respect for him simply because he can really make a track come to life in the most magical of ways."

Enjoy these and all of TooFab's picks below.

'Earth' - Lil Dicky

'Power Is Power' - SZA, The Weeknd and Travis Scott

'Clout' - Offset ft. Cardi B

'Cuz I Love You' - Lizzo

'Goddamn' - Tyga

'Medellín' - Madonna and Maluma

'Julien' - Carly Rae Jepsen

'Slide' - French Montana ft. Blueface and Lil Tjay

'Carry On' - Kygo and Rita Ora

'Phone Down' - Armin van Buuren & Garibay

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