Revisit the Final Red Carpet Premiere for 'Game of Thrones'

This should go without saying, but here we are: SPOILER ALERT!

"The Battle of Winterfell" went down on Sunday night, giving fans the longest episode of "Game of Thrones" to date. The show's 80 minutes was filled with heroic deaths, brutal battles and one game-changing moment that twisted the way the rest of the season will play out.

Between "GoT" and "Avengers: Endgame" -- which you can see a spoiler discussion of right here -- a certain group of fans were put through the wringer this weekend and it sure showed on social media.

Here's everything that went viral on Twitter as and after the episode aired. And while it doesn't fit into a category below, we'd be remiss not to include this tweet as well:

Okay, now let's dig into everything else.

Arya for MVP

Yeah, we're going to start at the end, because Arya Stark really deserves all the accolades this week for her last-minute maneuver. After battling her way through an army of the undead and interactions with the Hound, Melisandre and Beric Dondarrion, it became very clear her life had a very big purpose: killing the Night King.

It's something the show has been telegraphing for a while now when you look back at it, but, man, was it one satisfying and surprising scene when she plunged some dragonglass into the ruler of the White Walkers. With that, his army died with him and the trajectory of the show changed from a war against the undead to one against Cersei for control of King's Landing.

While fans have been stanning Arya for some time, the love for her erupted last night on Twitter and Instagram, where costars like Sophie Turner and Pedro Pascal and celebs including Leslie Jones all went wild.

WTF Was Bran Doing?

Yes, Bran was instrumental in giving Arya the dagger to kill the Night's King and lured the guy to his death, but otherwise, what the heck was he actually doing last night?

Just as the fight was getting good, his eyes rolled up and he began flying around the battle as the Three-Eyed Raven, without offering any help whatsoever. Just saying, now would have been a good time to warg into a dragon or something.

Can Anyone See Anything?

While the episode was filled with some excellent fight choreography, massive amounts of CGI and must-see moments, many viewers struggled to see any of it thanks to the show's lighting ... or lack thereof.

Though "Game of Thrones" has always been a bit of a dark show, setting the entire Battle of Winterfell at night without a full moon or anything else to lighten things up a bit left a lot of watchers either straining their eyes or bumping up the brightness on their television sets.

Major thanks go to Melisandre and Beric for being literal Lords of Light last night.

Lyanna Mormont, Giant Slayer

She may have been the smallest warrior on the battlefield, but she took down one of the biggest threats: a literal giant.

Lyanna Mormont has always been a fan favorite for viewers, who have taken to her no-nonsense attitude toward the men around her. Her bravery has never been questioned and last night she proved it by charging toward a giant wight that stormed Winterfell, taking him out with her dying breath after he crushed her little body.

The Dothraki Were Taken Out That Easily?

We've come to know the Dothraki Army as one of the show's most bloodthirsty group of fighters, seeing their wild ways all the way back to Season 1. It was this faction that charged first into battle against the White Walkers on Sunday night ... and they were almost entirely wiped out in mere seconds.

After Melisandre worked her magic and lit up their weapons with fire, they were seen roaring into battle ... moments before the lights were all but extinguished in the distance. Yes, a few retreated and continued to fight, but for the most part, they were decimated.

RIP Jorah, Theon and Melisandre

We knew there would be deaths and, going into the episode, both Jorah and Theon were solid bets to bite the bullet. And they did, in blazes of glory as they protected the ones they loved. With those two, their stories really came full-circle, as they proved their devotion to their chosen families -- Dany for Jorah and the Starks for Theon -- with their last breaths.

Melisandre also fulfilled her purpose by joining the fight against the undead and guiding Arya toward killing the Night King. In her last moments, she was seen walking out of Winterfell following the fight, taking off her magical necklace and dying for good.

Where's Ghost?

We were thrilled to see Jon's direwolf, Ghost, ride into battle with the Dothraki and Jorah in the first wave. But then he was never seen again.

Since this show doesn't really kill off fan favorites without letting the audience know, we assumed the dog survived -- but many viewers were stressing out about it. Worry not, a preview for next week's episode proves he's alive and well.

Meanwhile, In King's Landing

While nearly every main character on the show was in Winterfell for the big battle between the living and the dead, a few were still sitting pretty in King's Landing.

Cersei, Euron and The Mountain made good on their decision to stay out of the fight against a horde of zombies and let literally everyone else do it for them. We're pretty sure Cersei's okay with her decision, as she still has an army and fleet of boats at her service, but she probably also thought a few more of her foes would be wiped out taking on the Night King.

"Game of Thrones" airs Sundays on HBO.

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