Randall Emmett Apologizes to 50 Cent After Feud, as Lala Kent Addresses Split Rumors
Worst Celebrity Feuds of All Time

The most random feud of all time officially comes to an end.

That war between "Vanderpump Rules" star Lala Kent, her fiancé Randall Emmett and 50 Cent was fun while it lasted, right?

Effectively shutting the door on the whole controversy, Emmett issued an apology late Tuesday night, after the rapper called him out over not paying back an alleged $1 million loan.

In a weird Instagram post, Emmett shared an image of something with a message to 50 superimposed over it. "Yo Fif, Sorry we had to go through all of the craziness this weekend," he wrote. "Glad we are settled up! Wishing you continued success."

The comments on the post are turned off and 50 has yet to react to the post on his own page, but the rapper seemed content after receiving a bank transfer from Emmett on Monday.

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What a fun night with my fiancé

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As the feud between the trio blew up online, some of Lala's fans began to wonder if it caused friction between her and her man. Some noted that most of her photos with Randall had disappeared off her Instagram page and the two were not following each other (though there was question whether they ever did in the first place).

Seemingly shutting down speculation of a split, both Lala and Randall posted photos showing themselves very much together on Tuesday night, at what appeared to be a housewarming party for Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz.

"What a fun night with my fiancé," Randall captioned one photo, as Kent shared another in her Stories with the caption, "My baby."

The unlikely yet highly entertaining feud began on Friday, when 50 took to Instagram to share a "Vanderpump Rules" snippet of Lala telling Stassi about how she met Randall and immediately landed an acting role in one of his films, adding that he got her Range Rover the day after she let him "hit it."

In his caption, 50 wrote, "10 seconds left in the 4th quarter, hoes are winning. Do you want a Range Rover? Yes, bitch, yassss. Then just run out and suck a dick. LOL. SMH. ME TOO ROLE PLAY: Are you an actress? Come to my hotel and act like you really want the role, then suck a dick. No good, Randall. No good."

In response, Lala shared a video of herself on Instagram Live, ripping into 50 and claiming he was "diminishing the validity" of the #MeToo movement.

50 retaliated by sharing a plethora of text messages he exchanged with Randall (they co-produced drama series "Power"), saying he owed him $1 million. He also likened Randall Emmett to Harvey Weinstein, likely because of Lala's response to his #MeToo reference.

In the texts, Randall apologized profusely, revealed he had asked the rapper to be a groomsman, begged "Fofty" (best typo since "covfefe") to make it stop and said the stress of the incident had sent him to the hospital with chest pains. But 50 didn't let up posting their private messages, brutal memes and photos poking fun at the producer.

50 began selling T-shirts mocking the ongoing fight. The shirt displays Emmett's message, "I'm sorry FOFTY," followed by 50's response, "$1,000,000."

By late Monday morning, 50 announced he had received his money and said he no longer had any issues with the producer. Although the rapper has since deleted every trace of the petty brawl from his Instagram, the T-shirts are still available for purchase.

"Vanderpump Rules" airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.