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"If I'm genuinely interested, you're going to know it. If I'm genuinely not..." Kate trails off in the clip, as she chugs a glass of red wine.

Kate Gosselin may have been single for the past decade but she's now looking for love again.

In the new TLC show, "Kate Plus Date," the mother of 8 returns to the dating scene in the hopes of finding her one true soulmate. The six-part series follows Kate, who shares 14-year-old sextuplets Hannah, Leah, Alexis, Joel, Aaden and Collin, and 18-year-old twins Mady and Cara, with ex-husband Jon Gosselin, as she embarks on dates with 10 bachelors.

Like the show that made Kate and her family famous -- "Jon and Kate Plus 8" -- the first trailer for "Kate Plus Date" teases a series that will be just as entertaining, if not more. With the help of two professional matchmakers and some youthful commentary from her daughters Mady and Cara, Kate will be tasked with going on two dates with each of the 10 men: the first date will revolve around a fun activity, while the second will be more intimate.

"Have you noticed I'm single...for the last decade," Kate says at the beginning of the trailer. "I don't even know, like, what the rules are. Like, can somebody help me out here?"

When asked what their mother's "ideal date" would be, Mady replies, "She's gonna say something stupid, like 'on a boat, with some wine.' It's gonna be interesting."

The footage shows Kate on her adventures through active dates at the batting cages to romantic dinner settings, where one prospective Mr. Right had no idea she had eight children. Despite the many awkward encounters teased in the trailer, Kate seems to know what she wants and definitely what she does not want.

"If I'm genuinely interested, you're going to know it. If I'm genuinely not..." Kate trails off in the clip, as she chugs a glass of red wine.

However, Kate might not have the best skills when it comes to flirting, according to her daughters anyway. "Whenever she's trying to be like flirty or whatever, it makes me want to throw up," Mady tells the camera.

Fortunately, it looks like Kate may have met at least one possible suitor. "The thought of him kissing me caused so much panic," she says in the clip. "If inquiring minds need to know, he's definitely a good kisser." We can't wait to see how this show pans out.

Read the full synopsis, below:

"Throughout the six-part series, viewers will follow Kate's journey as she evolves from reserved and cautious to open and invested. While the first few dates are awkward, even "painful" in Kate's words, she eventually learns to trust the process with the support of her matchmakers and daughters. Mady and Cara don't hold anything back when it comes to advising their mom, but ultimately, Kate has the final say. After being wooed by all ten mystery men, she is faced with the difficult decision of choosing just two guys to take on a second date. The pressure is on. From adventurous and challenging encounters to fun and surprising moments, Kate puts it all out there on display: the good, the bad and the awkward! Throughout the process, she lets her guard down and learns a lot about herself and exactly what it's going to take to find everlasting love."

"Kate Plus Date" premieres June 10 on TLC"

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