The One Condition Miss J Alexander Believes in Conversion Therapy (Exclusive)
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The model also sounded off on wearing fur, and THAT Tyra Banks SI cover.

Miss J Alexander believes in conversion therapy... when he is exchanging his money from dollars to euros.

The legendary runway coach joked to TooFab about the only time the phrase should be used — but had much sterner words for anyone who really believes their children's sexuality could be changed.

"Any parent who believes in conversion therapy should be shot with shit and hung for stinking," he told us.

"Being a gay man from birth, authentically living my life the way I live my life, it's very very real... I speak from a real place with real thoughts and real words," he said. "I don't think conversion therapy should even exist. It makes absolutely no sense to me."

The 61-year-old also weighed in on Safaree's not-very-popular fur sales ban protest last month, insisting that advances in textile technology meant fashionistas really do not need to have animals killed for their hides.

"You can make fake fur look like real fur," he said, warning any would-be protesters: "cause I don't want nobody throwing any motherf--king paint on me, cause I'll have to f--k you up, it's very simple."

Miss J also gushed over his "America's Next Top Model" co-star Tyra Banks, who recently came out of retirement to stun on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

"Every bit of juiciness with Tyra. She's embracing who she is and who she was, then and now. All bowing to you baby," he said, quite literally bowing.

"I mean it's what men want to see. Men want to see a little bit of tits and ass and she's always had tits and ass, always," he added. "So it's nothing new to me."

He did however seem surprised when he was informed that at 45, she was the oldest SI cover star to date.

"Really? They didn't ask me for my cover yet," he countered.

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