The Ladies Step Out for the 'Big Little Lies' Season 2 Premiere

The actress also talks about flipping the script and taking on John Cusack's iconic role from "High Fidelity" in her new Hulu series.

Zoe Kravitz dropped by "The Late Show" on Wednesday where she and Stephen Colbert dropped spoilers all over the stage for the first season of "Big Little Lies" before getting into her expanded role in Season 2.

The actress also talked about paying homage to her mother, Lisa Bonet's classic Rolling Stone cover and talked about how she's following her footsteps in another way, too.

"I know, I need to get my own thing," Zoe joked.

Obviously, if you've not yet finished the first season of "Big Little Lies," you probably should not continue reading and you definitely should not watch this clip as it kicks off with a scene from Season 2 that definitely ruins the shock ending of what was originally a close-ended miniseries.

For Zoe, the Season 2 pickup couldn't have been better news. "We were only supposed to do one season and there was a lot more about Bonnie in the book that we weren't able to incorporate into the series," she said of her on-screen character. "Because we wanted to make sure the end was as surprising as possible."

After the tremendous success of the first season, HBO worked with stars and executive producers Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman to see if there was a way to continue down this road. The initial miniseries was essentially a murder mystery mixed up with a whole lot of other less deadly mysteries, and so it unfolded in a unique way. But it also ended rather abruptly with that big reveal.

Eveyrone involved realized that what happens next could prove just as compelling, even as it transforms "Big Little Lies" into a different beast. Luckily, it already had fantastic DNA with an incredible ensemble cast with great chemistry. That surely made it easier to step back into that world.

"I'm really happy it worked out this way because this time we get to explore Bonnies past," Zoe said. "[Her] mother comes into town, we get to learn more about [her] family and why she might have done what she ... didn't do on purpose at the end of the show."

Also joining the expanded cast this season is Meryl Streep, who also comes looking for answers. Now that the whodunnit has been resolved (or has it?), it's time to look into the whydunnit.


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"Did your mom know you were going to do this?" Stephen asked Zoe , holding up side-by-side images of Lisa Bonet's classic nude Rolling Stone cover and Zoe Kravitz' modern remake. What's striking about the images is just how much the two women look alike across time.

Zoe said that her mother knew she was doing the photo shoot, "but I think when she saw it, it was different," adding that "it was great to pay homage to her."

Unfortunately, Zoe has no plans of stepping into her father's footsteps. When asked if she had any of Lenny Kravitz' musical acumen or inclination, Zoe said, "I sing a little bit. I don't play an instrument. I always say that was my one act of rebellion, not to learn an instrument."

But she's continuing down the path that her mother forged, coincidentally enough, with a role-swapped remake of the 2000 film "High Fidelity." She's acting as star and an executive producer of the television series adaptation that sees her stepping into the lead role made famous by John Cusack.

Like John's character, Zoe will be unlucky in love but not for a lack of trying. When Stephen asked how they were planning to update John's mixtape strategy for connecting with women, Zoe quipped, "We call them mixtapes."

"How old do you think I am?" Stephen laughed indignantly.

"High Fidelity" is currently slated to premiere its 10-episode first season on Hulu, though it does not yet have a premiere date. "Big Little Lies," on the other hand, kicks off its second season this Sunday on HBO.

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