Rosie Perez Calls Out Male Costars for Penis Tucking and Wanting to Bite Her Where?!?
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The actress has clearly seen a few things during her time in the industry.

Rosie Perez just spilled some TMI tales from the set as only Rosie Perez could.

Appearing on "Watch What Happens Live" on Thursday night, the actress -- who has starred in classic films including "Do the Right Thing" and "White Men Can't Jump" -- was put in the hot seat about some of her male costars over the years.

Unfortunately, she didn't name names, as host Andy Cohen explained this would be a "Blind Item" game. But the stories were still pretty great.

First, he asked her to describe the craziest moment she's had filming a love scene.

"Oh my goodness, well, what happened was," Perez began. "We were in the bed and I was supposed to get up but he was in the bed naked. And when I got up naked, and turned around, his penis wasn't there. "

"He had tucked his penis, but without telling me and I was like what the f--k?!" she exclaimed. "I'm standing there naked and these are real and they were kind of [motions swinging breasts] and he goes, 'What?!' and I go, 'Nothin'!' and we had to keep going."

"What happened was, he was afraid his penis was too small and he didn't want anyone to see his penis," she added.

Any guesses?

Next, Cohen asked to reveal something she refused to do while filming a movie.

"It was during a fight scene and my costar, he said, 'Can I bite you in the tit during the fight?' and I said 'No," she said. "And he said, 'What about your ass?' and I said 'Okay.'"

Perez has talked about getting bit in the rear end while filming a fight scene for "Pineapple Express" in the past, naming the actor at the same -- could this be the same story? "James Franco and I kind of threw away the choreography, too, and went for it," she told CBS' Early Show in 2008. "He went for my butt, too! He bit my butt, which wasn't great and it didn't even make the movie and I am kind of pissed off about that."

Lastly, she was tasked with revealing the worst pickup line a male celebrity has ever used on her.

"Oh it's embarrassing. Gosh, if he's watching, he's gonna know," she said with a smile. "He said, 'You got a butt like a biscuit and I wanna pour gravy on it!"