Meet All 33 of Hannah B's 'Bachelorette' Suitors

The revelation left Bachelor Nation cheering as Hannah finally tears into this season's villain ... and scouring episodes for all things "windmill."

Everyone suspects that "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" contestants have sex while filming the show, but it's not too often that one comes right out and admits it ... while the season is still airing ... to another contestant.

It might just be a clue as to how irritated "Bachelorette" Hannah Brown gets with contestant Luke Parker in the next episode -- yes, he survived yet again! -- as next week's teaser shows her really laying into him. Fans can only hope this means she's as fed up with his antics as they have been since basically the first episode.

He's already creeped everyone out by acting like he already possesses Hannah, getting jealous of her going on dates with other people and absolutely losing his s--t over her naked date with Garrett, shaming her in the middle of a group date as if she was responsible for his feeling like she had cheated on him.

This week, Hannah pitted the two rivals together in another group date -- with Peter fourth-wheeling -- only to watch as Luke blamed Garrett for everything that's gone wrong, all the friction he's had with basically everyone in the house since Day One and legit claiming he's never done anything wrong.

He then got to talking about his faith, sharing a vision he had in the shower, and that part went over well with Hannah who has already bonded with him over her own faith.

She loves how he opens up about these parts of himself, even though he's used his faith to justify his objectification over her and very controlling language he's used to talk about her.

Nevertheless, Luke survived yet again, which was bad news for Garrett who found himself heading out the door behind all the other dudes who seemed to be genuinely more decent guys than Luke.

Perhaps for having to suffer through that date, Peter got a rose, too, along with Tyler C. and Jed, while Mike and Connor also had to say goodbye. But all is not lost yet, fans who fear she will choose Luke in the end.

It's not always that the highlight of any episode is the "next episode" teaser, but that was definitely the case tonight, as it looks like Hannah finally reaches her boiling point with Luke, and surprise-surprise, it has everything to do with him wanting to control her body and what she does with it.

Luke so calmly laid it out to Hannah that if he found out she'd had sex with any of the other guys, he'd remove himself from the relationship and want to go home. (Cue Bachelor Nation screaming at her to say she had sex with all of them ... anything to get him to go away!). Hannah was beside herself with anger, telling him, "I don't owe you anything!"

"I have had sex," Hannah tells a flabbergasted Luke. "And yet, Jesus still loves me."

But the moment of the night that really lit up Bachelor Nation was when she told him, "Me f--king in a windmill, you probably wanna leave," clearly ready to dismiss him to do just that.

As the video shows her flipping off a limo driving away (could Luke actually be inside?), Hannah tells the camera plainly, "I f--ked in a windmill. And guess what? We did it a second time."

And just like that, it was Easter and Christmas all wrapped up in one as the show's fans celebrated what appears to be the gift they've been wanting all season -- Luke P. to take the long drive away -- and began searching for all the clues to try and figure out who Hannah spent some quality time in that windmill with.


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