Skyler Stone Explains Furious Confrontation With YouTuber Who Came Onto His 15-Year-Old Daughter (Exclusive)
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The gross incident was all live-streamed -- as was the comedian's explosive reaction.

Skyler Stone has explained how he manged to restrain himself from knocking out a YouTuber who came onto his 15-year-old daughter.

The whole confrontation was caught on camera by King Aladdin himself, who was live-streaming when he cat-called after the teen right in front of her dad as they walked together in Hollywood.

"C'mere! C'mere! Where you going blondie? Little Taylor Swift lookin'-ass bitch," the YouTuber can be seen sneering, surrounded by a group of snickering friends -- who quickly shut up when the comedian comes back to confront them.

"What's he hanging out with a 15-year-old girl? What a weirdo," Aladdin says to his camera when Stone is safely out of earshot.

Stone explained afterwards that the presence of the camera was one of the reasons he didn't punch the "f--king toxic YouTuber".

"I didn’t know it was being live streamed, but I knew it was being filmed," he admitted. "And I'm not going to lie to you, like was that one of the reasons I didn't hit him? Yeah. It’s kind of hard to face a jury and go, 'He swung first.' 'Uh... no we saw the video.' You know what I mean?"

But the comedian insisted the main reason he didn't physically retaliate was his daughter was watching.

"My daughter was there, I wouldn't have hit him," he said. "I wouldn't have done it in front [of her]... if he touched her? Oh forget about it, or if he swung first, in defense? Absolutely."

He accused the YouTuber and others like him of purposely antagonizing people to incite violence, just for clicks.

"At a certain point... this isn't entertainment," he said describing how the night was a meaningful daddy-daughter date until the gross incident.

After the video of the incident went viral, King Aladdin took to YouTube to post an apology video, admitting he was embarrassed and ashamed watching it back.

Stone said that while he obviously did not like the guy, he also wasn't a fan of cancel culture either, admitting he had made plenty of mistakes in the past that required forgiveness.

However he did point out that King Aladdin's apology left someone out -- his daughter.

"It's like he's apologizing to me because I have some fame, he not once in the video says, 'Hey I'm really sorry to his 15-year-old daughter. That's who I owe the real apology to.' And the next day she cried. My daughter cried."

"She goes, 'Dad, he didn't even... he didn't even apologize to me?' She goes 'women are never going to be treated the same'. She goes 'this would never happen to a guy. He apologizes to you because you're a f--king man and you're famous. He didn't apologize to me because I'm just a little girl. What does it matter?'"

Stone added that while he was due to launch a new podcast in August, he wanted to bring it forward so he could interview King Aladdin on the first episode "because I want to sit him down and just set him straight".

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