Taylor Swift Beats Kylie Jenner to Top of Forbes Highest Paid Celebs List
Kendall and Kylie Jenner Party with Sofia Richie at Friend's Birthday

In total, just 15 of the top 100 were female.

Taylor Swift has topped the 2019 Forbes list of the World's Highest-Paid Celebrities, with jaw-dropping earnings of $185million.

The songstress managed to beat out make-up maven Kylie Jenner, who nicked second place with $170Million.

Kylie's brother-in-law Kanye West followed them in third, with $150million, but his wife Kim —- the only Kardashian on the list —- just managed to scrape together a mere $72million, netting her 26th place. Kylie's boyfriend Travis Scott also secured an impressive 39th place with his $58million.

While they took slots one and two, Taylor and Kylie also accounted for half of all the women in the top 20; only Harry Potter author JK Rowling ($92m) and Beyonce ($81M) powered in at 13th and 20th, respectively.

In total, just 15 of the top 100 were female, with Ellen DeGeneres, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Pink, Scarlett Johansson, Judge Judy Sheindlin, Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara, Lady Gaga and Celine Dion all nabbing places.

Of course, had Kim and Kanye's fortunes been combined they would have reigned supreme, while the similarly separated Beyonce and Jay-Z would have landed third with their joint $162million tally.

Ed Sheeran had a profitable year, netting $110million and fifth place, a full ten slots above Dwayne Johnson's $89.4million, who was hardly Rock bottom in 15th.

There were four sports stars in the top ten; soccer players Lionel Messi (4th), Cristiano Ronaldo (6th) and Neymar (7th), and boxer Canelo Alvarez (10th).

The top ten was rounded off by The Eagles, who collectively earned a nice round $100million this past year and 8th place, just ahead of Dr Phil in ninth with $95mil.

The youngest person on the list was 20-year-old Shawn Mendes, whose $38million nicked him the 98th slot. The second-youngest was also second on the list: 21-year-old Kylie.

The oldest person on the list was Paul McCartney, who at 77 years old is still earning $48million a year.

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