Why Tana Mongeau Never Legally Married Jake Paul
Inside Jake Paul & Tana Mongeau's Ridiculous Las Vegas Wedding

"We could f--king be married forever or for f--king 10 days," the 21-year-old influencer says.

Tana Mongeau just revealed that she's not legally married to Jake Paul and has no intention of filing the proper paperwork because "legally binding yourself to someone else takes away the love."

At the start of a 30-minute YouTube video the 21-year-old influencer explained, "I filmed this super rambly, kinda emotional, and a little too real chit chat [get ready with me] on the morning of the wedding. Still editing the actual wedding video and felt like this might answer some questions people have. Or arise more. Who knows. I love you."

While discussing the last time she did a "how to cake your face like a pro" tutorial, Tana said she could've sworn she was "in Mykonos, like a year ago, which is also really weird 'cause my honeymoon is in Mykonos. Hopefully, I'm only gonna have one wedding day."

What's interesting is that just one day after saying "I do" to her fellow influencer at Graffiti Mansion in Las Vegas, Tana revealed on Twitter they had to delay their honeymoon due to unforeseen circumstances. "Jake's headed to Europe and I have to deal with a family emergency," she wrote, not providing further detail about the nature of the emergency.

While the YouTubers have a swarm of supporters, they also have their fair share of skeptics who don't believe the marriage is genuine, but she maintains it is -- whether or not it's legal.

"It's my wedding day. I'm actually really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really f--king nervous. You talk about something and you prepare for it as much as you possibly can, but you never know how you're gonna feel until it's actually happening, and it's really crazy," she said in her vlog. "I'm so f--king excited to have a f--king last name that everyone can spell and pronounce, let's be real here. People said, 'Are you gonna do Mongeau-Paul?' Like, bitch, no. I've been trying to get rid of Mongeau since I have had it."

While Tana's YouTube and Instagram pages still have her maiden name, she changed her Twitter name to Tana Paul. Her handle, though, is still @tanamongeau.

"We're f--king crazy for getting married," she continued. "That really sums it up, that we could f--king be married forever or for f--king 10 days and get back together or f--king break up and meet back up again in f--king 20 years 'cause we realize that no one else will ever understand us in the same way or whatever it is, we are definitely really crazy for taking it day by day, but that's what we're doing. This sentence is gonna sound absof--kinglutley insane psychotic like on some Snooki 'Jersey Shore' use this as the f--king Season 2 opener for my f--king reality show, but we're doing it, and I'm really happy about it."

"And to everybody that's calling it fake because we rushed into it or because I don't do things traditionally, because I wanted to not do it legally -- any wedding I have, if I have three more f--king weddings, I really wouldn't want to do it on paper because I think that legally binding yourself to someone takes away the love. Like, it's unnecessary," she added. "To all of the people who think that it is not real and we're just putting on this show as two f--king sociopaths, it is real. That's all I know to tell those people. We are just f--king crazy, and that's what you can talk shit about, really."

Tana said she's known Jake for two years and claimed that even though their relationship, engagement and marriage seemed rather quick, she's spent the past two years falling for him.

"I don't think that it really was that I fell in love with Jake in two months. I think it was that from the moment I met Jake two years ago, I always knew I might fall in love with him," she explained.

She added that Jake's brother, Logan Paul, "finally believes 'Jana' is real, which is something I never thought I would see. I still don't think he's in full support because we rushed into things, but he did cry the other day. And I really never thought I would be at a place in my life where Logan Paul was crying to me."

However, after the Vegas ceremony, Logan told reporters outside the reception, "I give it a month. It seems a bit hasty, in my opinion. It seems a bit preemptive, as one might say."

In her vlog, Tana announced she was "moving into Jake's" while also dispelling the notion that she was only in it for his "clout" and money.

"People actually literally verbatim to my face all the time ask me if I would love Jake or be with him if like he didn't have the money that he has," she said. "It's interesting because a lot of people probably really do think that, considering the amount of jokes that I constantly make about the amount of money that Jake has. I would be with Jake if he literally worked at a f--king Target. I mean, maybe we wouldn't think the same because our lives would've been so different? Like, butterfly effect."

"But yeah, obviously in the beginning, I'm just joking around," she continued. "Especially seeing me go from my ex to Jake Paul f--kin' Calabasas Tesla f--kin' Lamborghini Rolex lookin' ass, you know what I mean? It's a really funny punchline, but now, it's more so that I guess I am just like proud of him and all he works for, and it's dope to brag for my fiancé soon-to-be husband, oh my God. He deserves it."

"I love making those jokes, but I also hope the people that f--k with me or us know that I'm not just f--king with him for his money," she added. "I'm truly with him because he understands me, unlike anybody else."

Tana maintains she had no intention of filming her wedding and that her relationship began organically.

"I'm getting accused every second of only marrying Jake for the reality show, which obviously, is a very valid claim," she said. "If you saw Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul getting married and it happened to be perfectly timed with a reality show that she was also filming, I would accuse that of her, too. I get it. I'm not even coming for people for thinking that."

"To touch on 'Jana' being real and all of that kind of shit, I understand anybody asking if it's like fake because obviously it started off with us making a lot of jokes about doing everything for clout," she explained. "I've been saying this a lot in interviews, but I feel like the best way to put it is like, yes, we hype things up for camera, obviously. We rush things and do crazy things. Obviously, hi, it's my wedding day. But this all started with like us hooking up at his house off camera ... I intended to keep [the relationship] off camera. I didn't know where it was gonna go, first of all ... and we were both in a situation like now wherever we go, there's gonna be fans taking photos and paparazzi and more commentary."

"It was either give the power away to everyone else, or be Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul and document it from our side and play into the joke," she added. "And I think it was the best decision we ever made."

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