Here's Why Fans Think This 'Queer Eye' Star Is Probably Doing 'Dancing with the Stars'
Must-See Celebrity Instagram Posts of the Week

Can you guess who?

Looks like one of the Fab Five from "Queer Eye" will be putting on his dancing shoes.

Though the full roster won't be announced until next Wednesday on "Good Morning America," the official Instagram page for "Dancing with the Stars" teased out a few clues about one of the show's contestants for Season 28.

And it wasn't very hard for the fans playing at home to figure out who it probably is.

Let's look at the most obvious hints here, starting with the two posters on the wall. The first contains coordinates that correspond with Houston, Texas -- while the second mentions "The Real World." You know who's from Houston and appeared on a season of "The Real World"? Karamo Brown.

The show's culture guru also went to Florida A&M -- like the banner on the wall -- and has a line of bomber jackets, which he wears on the Netflix series.

If all that adds up to someone other than Karamo, consider us shocked.

The show returns in the fall after taking a season off in the spring, following Bobby Bones' controversial win.

Speaking with TVLine at the TCA earlier this month, ABC network's entertainment president Karey Burke teased some "format tweaks" for the new season. "It's about [shifting] the focus of the show to really focus on it being a celebration of dance, and also focusing on the celebrities," said Burke.

Burke also promised a "really good" lineup, which we'll all learn come August 21. The Season 28 premiere airs Monday, September 16 on ABC.