'Jersey Shore' Recap: Ronnie Still Can't Quit Jen After Rehab, JWoww Chews Out Angelina!
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"Keep my name out of your f--king mouth, and tell Ron to stop f--king bitches!" JWoww allegedly texted Angelina.

Thursday's episode of "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" kicked off with Ronnie Ortiz-Magro leaving his 30-day stay in a Florida rehab for alcohol and depression.

He was grinning. But it wasn't just Ron's demeanor that caught everyone's eye, as his very bright set of new pearly whites were also very hard to miss. (More on those in a sec.)

Three weeks after getting home from rehab, Ronnie flew to Los Angeles to check out some houses. He was in the business of leaving toxic Las Vegas to start anew. As he explained, "I'm planning to move away from Vegas because being back in the places where I was having bad experiences are not good for my recovery."

And because Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino were in L.A. filming "Double Shot at Love," they met up with Ron to catch up. "First impression of Ronnie is just like new Ronnie! New spirit, new clothes, just like a new -- NEW TEETH!" Vin said during his confessional. "Holy shit! Teeth! Teeth. Teeth. Teeth! TEETH."

In case Vinny wasn't clear, Ronnie's smile was downright blinding! But more importantly, his insides were also bright and shiny.

"I'm great, man. I feel good, dude. Really, really good," he told Pauly. "You know, I went to 30 days in treatment. I needed it, man. Too much shit was going on, you know? And I appreciate you guys always looking out for me, being there. I was just in it, and I couldn't see. Took time to reset, and I just had to do what I had to do for myself, the baby, because the decisions I [was] making were not the decisions a father should make."

"I definitely feel like a different person since I went away to treatment," he added in his confessional. "I feel really good, and I feel like I wanna be around the gang and show them that I'm back to being who I used to be."

Although he was happy for his friend, Vinny wanted to know what Ron's next steps were in terms of his tumultuous relationship with baby mama Jen Harley, who Vin feels is "50 percent of his problem."

"As of right now," Ronnie said with a long pause, "we're not together. We haven't been together for a couple weeks. I gotta focus on myself. She's gotta wanna help herself. I can't keep trying to help her. Because trying to help her, I'm gonna drive myself crazy."

"Believe me, I already told her, I was like, 'I would like for you to talk to somebody,'" he added, agreeing with Pauly that his motivation was his daughter. "I don't need to be with someone else, and that's the way I always was, was that I need someone else, I need to be with someone else, someone else is gonna make me happy. That's not the case. Because if I'm not happy, I'm gonna make that person miserable, and they're gonna make me more miserable."

He told the camera, "When I say I'm done with Jen, it's about being in love with myself, because if you don't love yourself and take care of yourself, you can't take care of the people around you."

While Pauly and Vinny agreed Ron was seemingly on a better path, they were still concerned about the Jen element.

Lo and behold, the next scene showed Ronnie back in Vegas with Jen. "Uh, uh, um," he stuttered during his confessional. "You know, it's crazy, but right now, me and Jen are together."

He then laughed nervously, adding, "Making it work is the best for the baby, but I feel like it's just best for each other. We keep fighting for something, so there's gotta be something there. It's not just the baby. People raise kids without each other all the time, so it's gotta be something deeper."

Ronnie and Jen chatted about daughter Ariana's 1st birthday party, which was just around the corner. When Ron said he'd be four months sober on that day, Jen asked if they'd be popping champagne, because that was definitely the appropriate follow-up question.

"If you guys want," Ron replied. "Are we having a bartender come?" Jen wondered.


Later, a pregnant Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Jenni "JWoww" Farley planned a girls lunch. Jenni was not too keen on Nicole's idea of inviting Angelina Pivarnick. "Why? So I can ruin my appetite?" she barked at Snooks, who admitted, "I like drama."

If you recall, Jenni and Angelina did not get off to the best start when Angelina made her surprise return during Season 1 of "Family Vacation." Even though they hashed things out on the surface, Jenni always seemed to have an issue with Angelina. It didn't help that the former "dirty little hamster" recently spent a great deal of time talking about Jenni's divorce on camera with Ronnie, which Jenni specifically asked everyone not to do.

"Going into the dude ranch, I asked all my roommates to keep quiet about my divorce for the sake of my kids," Jenni told the camera. "I wanted to tread lightly because I just didn't wanna talk about it on TV. But you know, Roger [Mathews] decided to post 12 videos. So now that it's all out there, yeah, I'm gonna clap back at Ron and Angelina!"

When Nicole picked up Angelina for lunch, Angelina read the text messages she had allegedly exchanged with Jenni. This was the convo they had, according to Angelina's screenshots:

Jenni: If I see anything about my marriage come out of your mouth, you better pray you never see me after.

Angelina: Huh? What are you even saying? That's your life, and I'm not involved.

Jenni: On the show or in an interview on the show.

Angelina: And please don't come at me sideways 'cause I am always nice to everyone.

Jenni: My marriage better not be on "Jersey Shore" or talked about with Ron.

Angelina also claimed Jenni sent her a text that read, "Keep my name out of your f--king mouth, and tell Ron to stop f--king bitches, and maybe he won't get his ass run over."

At lunch, the two hashed it out IRL. Jenni was relatively calm as she accused Angelina of being fake but grew more and more agitated the more Angelina denied speaking about her divorce. The footage proved otherwise.

Angelina tried to say she was simply hearing Ron out and trying to be his friend, but JWoww wasn't having it. She felt Angelina should have shut down the conversation the way Nicole and Deena Cortese did.

"When you bring up certain things about your life that you don't want brought up, we respect that," JWoww hurled at Angelina, who replied, "First of all, the reason why it has to be respected is another reason."

"Mine is going through a f--king court system and a judge that tells me not to!" Jenni fired back. "So don't tell me there's another f--king reason, Angelina, when I have legal issues!"

Angelina was still adamant that she "did not talk about your divorce" (even though she did), but Jenni didn't care. "Doesn't matter! You allowed it to be talked about!" she insisted.

During her confessional, Angelina vented about how "this family" was always asking her to say sorry for things she "did not do."

Once that settled down a bit, the girls spoke about Ariana's 1st birthday party. Even though Jenni was pissed at Ronnie, she was still planning to go. Nicole and Deena said they couldn't make it, which left Jenni and Angelina to fly to Vegas and go together. Awk. Jenni then FaceTimed Lauren Sorrentino to ask if she'd want to go with them since she'd never been to Vegas before, and she said of course -- but seemed a bit uneasy about the fact that Angelina would be going with them.

After JWoww hung up, she explained to Angelina that Lauren wasn't too happy with the fact that she shares posts about Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's imprisonment on her Instagram Story. To be fair, all of these "Jersey Shore" people have deals with various media outlets about posting celebrity news stories to their social media pages, but the girls' point was that Angelina should not be posting those. She didn't seem to understand why.

"If she's upset about it, she should've came to me like a woman, but she didn't come to me like a woman," she said, but Jenni insisted Angelina not "try to turn this" on Lauren.

Vegas should be fun!

The girls were fine until they got to their hotel suite. Jenni explained to Lauren -- in front of Angelina -- that she needed to talk to "twat Ron" about his behavior at the dude ranch. Ron wasn't just talking about her divorce, he was siding with Roger! "I feel like that's payback for me talking to his exes," JWoww said, adding that she felt Ron was likely still pissed about "the note" from their original "Jersey Shore" heyday.

Later, the girls were getting ready to go out and having their usual T-shirt time conversations. Angelina told Jenni she needed to get laid, which prompted Jenni to reveal she already had. She explained in her confessional she was having "lots and lots and lots of sex" with who we now know is 24-year-old pro wrestler Zack Clayton Carpinello.

Jenni was giggly as hell but quickly put Angelina back in the hot seat by asking why she hadn't set a date for her wedding. Angelina explained that she and Chris argue a lot, then told a story about how she asked him to put two ears of corn in the fridge, and instead, he threw them away.

"Is there a reason why he's not listening to me when I'm speaking?" Angelina asked the girls.

"Because he's a man?" Jenni replied. Lauren agreed.

"When's the last time you sucked his d--k?" JWoww blurted out. "Six months? Three?" Angelina couldn't remember.

"Exactly," Jenni said. "I wouldn't f--king put the corn in the fridge either, bitch."


While at dinner, Jenni stepped out to confront Ronnie. She was way nicer in her approach with him than she was with Angelina, but like she said, they go way back. It was almost like she couldn't stay mad at him!

Ron, who was clearly in a very peaceful and positive state of mind, apologized but said he loved them both, which Jenni understood. They exchanged I love yous and hugged it out, and all was good and well.

Meanwhile, Lauren took the opportunity to talk to Angelina about her "swipe ups." She was pissed Angelina was "selling stories" and didn't appreciate the "multiple times" she saw articles on Angelina's Instagram claiming she was pregnant.

"At the end of the day, it's my Instagram, and if I make money off of it and it's not that bad..." Angelina tried to say, but Lauren felt that was "an excuse."

"Angelina, take accountability and review your shit!" Lauren hurled across the table. "If you have a close relationship with me or if you have a close relationship with my husband, I would think that you wouldn't wanna hurt that. I just think that if you valued a relationship at a certain level with Mike or myself, that you would scale back."

Angelina said she understood and agreed to "scale it back."

"Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on MTV.

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