'Teen Mom' Stars and Their Kids

The two parents who adopted Tyler and Catelynn's baby girl make their return.

Brandon and Teresa Davis, the pair who adopted Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell's baby girl Carly way back in Season One of "Teen Mom" returned to the show for the first time in a decade on Monday night's reunion episode.

While the two are often the topic of conversation and, in the finale, had an off-camera meeting with Tyler, Catelynn and their two daughters, they joined the reality stars, Dr. Drew Pinksy and Nessa on stage for an interview last night.

The four -- who all agreed to an open adoption -- haven't always seen eye-to-eye when it comes to visitation with Carly and have gone stretches of time without seeing each other. But everything seemed solid when they all sat down together during the reunion, which followed a play date with their three children.

"She adored 'em," Catelynn said of Carly meeting newborn Veada. "She's a nuturer, Carly," added Tyler, "She's very very maternal."

"At the end of the day, regardless of what's going on with me and her, Brandon and Teresa, seeing those girls together, this is what it's all about," he continued. "Whatever we have to do to make sure this happens all the time, it's important to the kids."

When Brandon and Teresa came out on stage, they recalled the adoption process and shared their reaction to learning it would be filmed for the MTV show.

"We were all nervous and there were TV cameras, that adds to his already crazy emotional, you've been building up to this, oh my goodness, we're going to meet the birth parents of our baby girl," said Teresa. "Then they said, by the way, they've agreed to be on a show on MTV and we were like, we did not see that one coming. Of all the possibly adoption scenarios!"

Teresa also remembered the first time she held Carly in her arms after Catelynn had given birth and the gratitude she felt at the time.

"I don't know what you can say other than how amazing that is and then I'm standing there with this sweet young girl, birth mother, who's handing that child to me," she said. "It's definitely an experience like no other. The thankfulness and gratefulness of that, wrapped into one."

Both Tyler and Catelynn said they were glad they went with the open adoption route as well, so they were able to witness that moment and see who their birth daughter would be going home with.

"It's very reassuring," he said. "Thank you for letting us be involved and see her and being amazing parents for her, we couldn't have really asked for anything more, honestly."

Brandon returned the gratitude, telling them both, "The first thing that comes to our mind, as always, thankfulness, gratefulness for y'all. We wouldn't be there if it wasn't for that."

"Teen Mom" airs Mondays on MTV.