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'The Wendy Williams Show' won't be signing off anytime soon.

Wendy Williams kicked off the new season of her morning talk show by teasing "something really, really big."

At the top of the hour, she came out and told her studio audience, "I've got something really really big to tell you, but I'm not going to tell you until later in the show." As she said this, she started touching her stomach, leading to screams from the audience. "Everybody calm down, I'll let you know later in the show."

No, it wasn't a pregnancy -- but news about the show's future.

"Everybody have a seat. I got through almost the whole show without shedding a tear," she said standing at a podium in her studio audience, right before the end credits. "Attention Wendy staff and crew and everybody gather around. And you on TV and you here. The Wendy Show has been renewed through 2022. I love you!"

"I knew about this renewal for a moment now and I haven't been able to say anything to anyone, not my mom, not my dad, no one," she continued. "But when I'm reading on the blogs that we're going away, that I can't handle it and we're being canceled, no darling we are here!"

There was also a little shade toward her ex, Kevin Hunter, in the closing credits that came up as she spoke -- which read "Just Wendy" under Executive Producer. Hunter's name was first removed from the credits last year.

The rest of the premiere was business as usual, as she began her Hot Topics segment by shutting down a recent report from Page Six, after the publication claimed she skipped an Us Weekly party last week to avoid a run-in with Lil' Kim. Calling the story "ridiculous," Williams said she had been invited to the Most Stylish New Yorkers bash by the magazine and was happy to make their list this year. But when it came time to go to the event, she was too exhausted to go.

Saying "it was a busy day here at Wendy" as the crew prepped for the new season, she backed out. "I was a little tired," she said, claiming she told her assistant to let the magazine know she wasn't sick, appreciated the honor and just couldn't make it.

"New York Post, you got it wrong, I did not not go to the party because I heard Lil' Kim was going to be there," she continued. "I said I was going to come to the party and all of a sudden at the last minute, I just kinda wanted to go home, oil my joints and sit on my [Lymphoedema] machine. I wouldn't have been fun to hang out with. No, I didn't know Lil' Kim was going to be there, I love Lil' Kim, stop trying to start something, Lil'Kim and I are fine."

She added, "I turned 55 over the summer and you have to learn to take your pass when you just don't feel like gettin' down."

That being said, she still had one helluva hiatus from the show. Williams went on to describe her own "Hot Girl Summer," which included reconnecting with former friend NeNe Leakes, heading to Miami and partying with Cardi B in New York.

"I made a lot of good friends over the summer, I'm in a really good place to be back with you," she told her audience. "I feel on fire to deliver you what you watch this show for."

NeNe will appear on the show tomorrow.