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The rapper joins forces with Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show" to help transition from "Hot Girl Summer" with a new music video and everything you need to know to keep the heat going.

Megan Thee Stallion may have ushered in the "Hot Girl Summer" of 2019, but she isn't going to leave all her hot girls hanging as we move into fall.

The rapper joined forces with Jimmy Fallon for a brilliant video and track to usher in "Hot Girl Fall." We love the narrative juice of the piece, as Jimmy kicks it off rapping his laments that "hot girl summer" is drawing to a close ... until he gets a call from Megan.

"Jimmy you're not making any sense at all," she raps. "After 'hot girl summer' comes..."

And she let the silence linger because there is only one right answer.

The music video is every bit as brilliant as the song itself, with Megan and Jimmy wearing matching orange track suits for part of it and really get into the spirit of the season with "cable-knit scarves" and "chunky sweaters" and even "pumpkin ass beer."

They seemed to celebrate everything to do with fall from hayrides to Halloween and even back-to-school. In fact, we feel safe in saying that Jimmy may have gone on a little too long about buying school supplies even though neither of them go to school.

"Got a 2-inch binder, a 12-month planner / a 3-hole puncher and a hand-held scanner," he rapped. Okay, we did like his line, "Got a hole puncher girl, I'll make it snow."

But the best part of it was when Black Thought aka Tariq jumped in with his own verse all about his love of one thing and one thing only. "Hot Girl Fall" is apparently all about plaid on plaid on plaid on plaid on--

"You do you, Tariq! That's a plaid king right there," Megan shouted in support.

"Summer was just the preview," Megan told, and after that track we believe her. We also really, really hope there are two more installments in the "Hot Girl" series. You know we're going to be looking for her when winter comes around!

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