'Teen Mom' Stars and Their Kids

"You think you can get me pregnant and then just bail out? F--- all that," read one of the DMs.

Briana DeJesus has been burned in love before -- and that was clearly on her mind when she received a DM from someone claiming to have damning messages between her boyfriend John Rodriguez and another woman.

On Tuesday's new episode of "Teen Mom 2," DeJesus pulled her car to the side of the road and showed producers her phone after screenshots were sent to her showing an alleged conversation between her long-distance boyfriend and a woman who claimed she was pregnant with his child.

"You think you can get me pregnant and then just bail out? F--k all that, I'm telling her and imma make sure people know everything about you," wrote the mystery girl. "You were just a piece of ass," John allegedly responded, "Kill yourself."

While the screen shots appeared to come from Instagram, they easily could have been faked. And when DeJesus confronted John over the phone about it, he denied it all. Relaying the conversation to a friend of hers, DeJesus said she was "confused," admitting, "part of me is like, okay it's fake. Part of me is like, what if this is legit. It looks super legit."

"I was like what the f--k is this,' I just went off," she recalled telling John. "'Who the fuck is this, you got another bitch pregnant?' He was literally confused, like, 'What? You should know me by now that this isn't me.' I was like, 'I bring you around my f--king kids, you've met my mom, my sister, we made all these plans and this is what you want to do to me.'"

She said he told her she had "some investigating to do" in regards to the entire situation. "I found out who the girl was that created the screen shot," added Briana, who said the woman "ended up deactivating her account because of it."

DeJesus then took a trip to New York to see her boyfriend and speak to him about the incident in person. Almost immediately after they sat down to dinner together, Briana broke into tears.

"It's a lot to take in," she told Rodriguez. "A part of me knows that it's fake, the screenshot. But then a part of me is like, this is something I've gone through before. It puts me in a place. Why would somebody make that screenshot to put us in a bad place?"

"People don't like it, people don't like me," John responded.

When she asked him, flat out, if there was a "pregnant girl" or another woman "on the side," Rodriguez doubled down. "No, if you know me, I don't speak like that," he said. "Anybody would be upset if it looks legit, but it wasn't."

The two agreed they needed to try to work on their trust and communication going forward, as Briana said she needed a little time to "figure it all out."

IRL, the two have already broken up. They announced their split in August, with Briana telling Us Weekly at the time that "there was absolutely no cheating in our relationship" and calling John "a really great guy." She said any allegations about another woman "were completely false."

"Teen Mom 2" airs Tuesdays on MTV.