Kim Kardashian Celebrates 39th Birthday With Family Dinner Party

The surprise nuptials a few days later on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" didn't fare much better.

Turns out, Howard Stern's wife Beth wasn't having his surprise proposal On "Jimmy Kimmel Live" earlier this month, even if she feigned excitement at the time.

During "The Howard Stern Show" on Tuesday, the host explained to his guest Jimmy Kimmel that he expected Beth to shoot down the notion of getting remarried, as she had done in the past, but he still wanted the element of surprise in front of Jimmy's studio audience.

"I said to your producer, 'Don't tell my wife, but just sit her somewhere I can grab her pretty easily,'" he told Jimmy. "She was pissed off at me, because she said, 'You could have given me a heads up.' But then it wouldn't have been good."

"I thought it would be funny, 'cause my wife would reject me again. So when she said yes, I was really caught off-guard," he added.

During the proposal, Howard pulled Beth onstage, got down on one knee and said, "Darling, you know you have given me the best years of my life. I love you so much. You do so much for animal rescue and you know how I feel about you. I'm gonna say now in front of my best friends, my sweet love, will you marry me again?"

Beth said, "Yes," as Howard jumped up and gave her a kiss before she sheepishly went back to her seat.

A few days later, Howard and Beth got hitched again -- they originally married in 2008 -- on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" during an impromptu ceremony officiated by "The Bachelor" favorite Colton Underwood, as the pair are fans of the show.

But the surprise nuptials had Beth dissatisfied once again, as Howard recalled to Jimmy.

"Beth was not up for it, she wasn't dressed for it. But she was a good sport about it."

Hopefully, the third time's a charm.

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