Canceled or Renewed: The Fate of Every TV Show In 2019 (So Far)

The show is currently on its 14th season.

If Kaitlin Olson had her way, it would stay sunny in Philadelphia for a long time.

"Always Sunny In Philadelphia" has been on the air since 2005 and, currently in its 14th season, still shows no signs of stopping. In 2019, it actually tied "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" as the longest-running live-action comedy series.

And Olson has no problem trying to break that record.

"I think we're going to do like a Golden Girls thing, where we just do it into our retirement," she said when TooFab caught up with her at the GO Campaign Gala at NeueHouse Hollywood over the weekend. "That's my goal."

She then said it's all up to the creators (and costars) Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton and Charlie Day.

Over its 14 seasons, the show has tackled nearly every taboo topic known to man and survives to see another day. When asked if the network has ever given them any pushback, Olson replied, "No, FX is the best."

"They're like what else can you give us, is this not enough?"

Clearly, it's not. Earlier this year, FX Networks Chairman John Landgraf told Deadline, "We will absolutely make more seasons of Sunny if the gang chooses to make more seasons of Sunny."

"Rob has been pretty positive about wanting to keep going with it, but it’s ultimately his call," he added. "I can't believe it still exists after 14 years, but if he wanted to make it 15th or 16th season, we would absolutely do it. The show is still good; it's as good as it’s ever been."

The Season 14 finale airs Wednesday on FXX.

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