Chrissy Teigen Isn't Buying the 'Sexiest Man Alive' Hype as John Legend Brings It with Sexy Elf Dance
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While People's reigning "Sexiest Man Alive" was showing off his abs and bringing it with Christmas spirit, his wife still stole the show with one frosty look.

He may be People's "Sexiest Man Alive," but his wife doesn't seem to be all that impressed. Chrissy Teigen looked anything but as the reigning "Sexiest" champ showed off his physique and his holiday spirit with a sexy dance.

Teigen shared the short video of hubby John Legend to her Instagram, which shows a smiling john adorned in a red-and-green Christmas vest and elf hat as he shimmies his hips and pulls open the vest to show off his rock-solid abs.

But while that moment might get pulses racing, it was when the camera panned just to his left that the clip became pure magic.

Here was John Legend, all smiles and clearly enjoying himself, and there was wife Chrissy Teigen, looking on with an expression closer to disgust or simple disdain. She even slipped in a very slight head shake to indicate just how much she was not feeling John feeling himself.

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just another day at @jimmyfallon (airs tomorrow!)

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Daughter Luna was also in the shot, with apparently was in a green room at "The Tonight Show." According to Teigen's caption, this was "just another day at @JimmyFallon."

And whatever it is that "sexy" John and his elf costume are up to, it's set to air Friday night on Fallon's show.

We love that whoever was filming this knew that Chrissy's expression was pure gold, actually zooming in on her face after panning away from John, who was still rocking it and seemingly oblivious to the ice forming behind him.

Luna was on hand, too, but she seemed to be having a much better time than her mother.

Teigen has been making the talk show rounds with "The Voice" coach, even briefly sabotaging John's guest-hosting stint on "Ellen." Even better, she did so by performing a classic Ellen scare, erupting out of the table next to him and dropping an f-bomb immediately.

At least John acknowledged in that show that despite his EGOT status and his stellar career, he shall forever be known as "Chrissy Teigen's husband." The Queen of Twitter just can't help herself, she commands attention even when she's doing the smallest things ... like shaking her head at her husband enjoying his title as "Sexiest Man Alive."

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