Teen Mom Stars and Their Kids

Lowry says two of her baby daddies "hate each other," before she reacts to rumors one got another woman pregnant.

Kailyn Lowry has three sons with three different fathers, which means three times the baby daddy drama.

This past season on "Teen Mom 2," viewers saw her risk jail time by whisking her oldest son, Isaac, away to Hawaii on one of his father's scheduled visitation days. Jo threatened to take her to court, but she offered up a promising update on Tuesday's reunion.

Unfortunately for her, it doesn't sound like things are going as well with her other two exes.

Let's start with the good news though. First, Kailyn defended her decision to bring Isaac on vacation, saying she "would go sit in jail for my son." She added, "At the end of the day, you have to think about what's in the best interest for the child. If the child is saying, I wanna go with you to Hawaii and I don't want to got to my dad's for 8 hours."

Though he threatened legal action, Lowry said he didn't take any -- and "actually apologized to me" for how he reacted. "He said he wasn't really in a good place and he didn't feel like our communication was as good as it could have been and I agree," she added, "So I think we were both being petty."

As the subject then changed to Javi Marroquin, with whom she shares Lincoln, Lowry played it coy. On the show, she claimed he tried to hook up with her while they were filming a previous reunion and he was ticked when it aired. She also accused him of cheating on his fiancee.

"I know nothing," she said when Dr. Drew and Nessa brought all that up again. "He doesn't want to film because it gets him into trouble, but apparently he gets into trouble regardless. That ship has sailed, a long time ago."

She then said Javi and her third ex, Chris Lopez, "hate each other." The remark surprised the two hosts. "Chris and Javi almost fought, they were this close to each other's faces," she then added.

According to Lowry, all three of them are in therapy now, before clarifying, "not together, but individually."

As for Chris, Kailyn said "there's no coparenting right now" with him. When asked by Dr. Drew if that meant Chris lost custody of their son, Lux, Lowry replied, "I didn't say that." She then added, "Right now, he's working and going to therapy and working on himself and I know that he will see Lux when the time is right."

She also addressed rumors he got another woman pregnant. "A girl texted my phone, like, 'I got your number out of Chris' phone, tell him to hit me up about the baby,'" she claimed. She added that he denied the allegations and she herself didn't believe "he would have gotten someone else pregnant."

"Teen Mom 2" airs Tuesdays on MTV.