Teresa Giudice Says Daughter Lost 30 Pounds, 'Turned Life Around' Following Joe's Deportation News
Inside the Giudice Family Reunion in Italy

"I'm an adult. I'll survive. My husband, he's an adult. He'll survive," says Teresa. "It hurts the children."

Teresa Giudice found out on Wednesday's episode of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" that Joe Giudice's first deportation appeal had been denied "very aggressively." She confided in brother Joe Gorga at the time that she had only told Gia, 18, and Gabriella, 15, but not Milania, 14, or Audriana, 10.

Immediately after the episode aired, Bravo unveiled its first episode of the "RHONJ After Show," where Teresa revealed how her daughters took the news, while her co-stars weighed in on the situation. It's important to note that this was filmed before Teresa and the girls traveled to Italy to see Joe after he was granted permission to await the final decision in his deportation case in his native country.

"Um, how did [the girls] take it? Of course they were upset. Who wouldn't be upset?" Teresa told an "After Show" producer. "But again, we're still fighting. The fight's not over. We're still going to the third circuit. But I told the girls it's gonna be like a year-and-a-half before we hear anything. 'Don't think negative. Just always think positive. You have one life to live, and live it the right way. And be happy.' When one door closes, another door opens."

"And you know," she added, "Milania was struggling the most over this, and she's doing amazing. She started working out. She lost over 30 lbs. In school, she was acting out. And now, she's doing amazing in school. She turned her whole life around."

On Wednesday's "RHONJ," Teresa said she withheld the information from Milania because Milania is the most sensitive of the bunch. She said she opted not to tell Audriana because she's the youngest. In fact, earlier in the episode, Audriana cried as she struggled to remember memories of her dad and family vacations while they sorted through old photos together.

"[Audriana] was just getting embarrassed," Teresa explained on the "After Show." "She was embarrassed before I guess around her friends. A few kids asked her about her father, and she told me who the kids were. And I spoke to the parents, and I explained to them the situation so they could explain to their child. So if they have to ask Audriana a question, they could rephrase it a different way. You have to stay positive. And you know what? The laws might change. You never know what's gonna happen in life. And whatever's meant to be is gonna be."

"I'm an adult. I'll survive. My husband, he's an adult. He'll survive," she added. "It hurts the children."

As we mentioned, this was filmed before the Giudice women paid Joe a visit in Salerno. Teresa maintained they were going to "make up" for lost time during their trip.

"We're gonna make up for it, from now until forever," she said. "I spoke to him today. He was like, 'I was just tearing up thinking about you guys coming here, and I'm getting so excited.' I was just like, 'Awww.'"

The silver lining about Joe being in Italy, Teresa said, was that he's considered a totally free man there -- whereas when she came home from her 11-month stay in federal prison for her participation in Joe's financial crimes, she was "on probation for like a year. He has none. None at all."

On Wednesday's episode, Joe Gorga urged his sister to reconsider appealing a second time to avoid "burying yourself financially," but Teresa said it's what her daughters wanted, and she was willing to do anything for them.

Melissa Gorga seemed to side with Teresa and not her husband on the "After Show," saying, "If I had the money and I was saving my child's father and making him come home, whether or not I wanted him or not, I would pay the money." Margaret Josephs agreed, adding that if she were in Teresa's shoes, she would "absolutely appeal for my ex-husband, for my current husband."

While Teresa said the news left her "shell-shocked," Melissa and Dolores Catania were in agreement that the appeal denial did not come as a surprise.

"I feel like a lot of people were saying that that was gonna happen, and then when they finally come through with it, it just feels like it's been a ton of bad news. Like, here we go again," Melissa said, as Dolores added, "I wasn't surprised. Everything that's going on, I didn't think he had much of a chance to stay."

"You know, death is a finale. Getting deported isn't," Catania made sure to note. "That, to me, I knew that they would still have a life and they would make the best of whatever they had as a family. When you're in a hospital bed, that's a problem. Everything else is a situation. This is just a situation for them."

Jackie Goldschneider -- who's been at odds with Teresa ever since she said to her, "Do you think your husband would be in jail right now if you could control what he did?" -- was sympathetic to her co-star's situation. "Whatever Teresa and I go through personally," she said, "when I hear bad news for her, it's always heartbreaking."

Dolores' ex-husband, Frank Catania, also gave his two cents, saying he felt "horrible for the girls. That's their father. He's been here since they're born. He's been here almost since he's been born."

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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