Oprah Winfrey Is Super Invested in Amy Schumer's Poop Crisis, Offers Advice
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The comedian shared with a visibly uncomfortable Oprah that she hadn't pooped in nearly a week before soliciting advice and sharing the results.

Things got a little too real when Amy Schumer swung by for an appearance during Oprah Winfrey's 2020 Vision Tour.

Oprah took to Instagram to share the whole uncomfortable saga with her 17.6 million followers, which means there are a whole lot of people out there who know all about Amy's big number two problem.

It all started off innocently enough, with Oprah asking Amy how she was doing and the comedian -- not surprising at all -- let her know in no uncertain terms that while almost everything was great, there was one big problem.

"I'm feeling so much better, I can't even complain, except I haven't pooped since Monday," Amy told her.

As Oprah turned away, clearly uncomfortable, Amy laughed, adding, "We'll save that for the audience. We'll save for the 15,000 people."

Finally, Oprah did the math and circled back, remarking that this was actually a pretty long time. Just like that, she was invested in Amy's dilemma.

"There's not much comfort happening over here. Any tips?" Amy asked, seconds before the cameras started to flash and both women smiled for the camera (kinda makes you wonder what other conversations are happening during some of those famous snaps, huh?).

Well, as weird as the whole conversation was, Oprah took the problem very seriously and very sweetly started to offer Amy some advice. The comedian admitted she'd planned to take some meds, but was "afraid it would hit while we were on stage."

In her caption to the two-video post, Oprah admitted that she at first thought Amy's admission was "TMI," but the comedian was true to her word, sharing her problem with Oprah's massive crowd.

"she told a sold-out arena about it and apparently people love to talk about 💩 (or not)," Oprah write. "Amy, thank you so much for spending your Saturday making US laugh and sharing your journey through motherhood, marriage, and yes 💩."

Oh, and don't worry, this story has a happy ending, as revealed in the second video.

Now that Oprah was part of the journey, Amy shared with her via text message -- and Oprah thankfully shared with all of us -- how it all came out (ahem).

"I just pooped on the plane!" Amy texted her, and as Oprah shared the message in an elevator, she whooped and cheered and was clearly much more comfortable with this topic now.

"Hey everybody! Amy just pooped on the plane!" she shouted, with her signature enthusiasm.

While Amy doesn't explicitly offer a connection, it's very possible this is a side effect of her ongoing IVF (in vitro fertilization) journey, which she has been sharing with her own followers via Instagram.

In her latest update last weekend, Amy revealed that they are now looking to "freeze embryos hopefully," and she got very concerned about her hat while under what certainly looked like pretty strong drugs.

Schumer told her followers that her full conversation with Oprah would be available on Wednesday.

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