Kirstie Alley Praises Trump Over Coronavirus Response and Twitter Explodes
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The President thanked the "Cheers" alum for her tweet.

Kirstie Alley gushed about President Trump's response to the coronavirus crisis and social media collectively lost its mind.

On Monday night, the former Jenny Craig spokesperson took to Twitter to write, "Dear Mr. President, @realDonaldTrump I wanted to thank you for ur recent decorum, sincerity, & care towards us. You're taking charge & leading in a manner needed & wanted for this country. I highly commend you for ur boundless energy & willingness to solve problems. Thank you."

Trump responded, "Thank you Kirstie!" at 4:32am.

The reactions to the exchange appeared to fall into two groups: Those condemning the actress' words as they believed the leader of the free world has not stepped up in this time of need and those defending her for speaking her mind and offering words of encouragement to the leader of the free world in this time of need.

Billy Baldwin was clearly in the former group as he tweeted, "'Thank you for ur recent decorum' and 'leading in a manner needed & wanted' ???" He went on to add, "Earth to Kirstie Alley. Earth to Kirstie Alley. Come in Kirstie."

Another Alley critic wrote, "When you see "Kirstie" trending, and you're hoping she doesn't have the Rona, but it turns out to be even worse..."

Those who supported Alley's tweet were led by none other than the original "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Kristy Swanson, who simply replied, "Amen Kirstie."

"Amen! And thank you Kirstie, for your support of @POTUS. There ARE decent people left in Hollywood! ( PS Thought you made a real cute Vulcan on Star Trek! :)," followed up another Twitter fan.

But the "Look Who's Talking" alum was ready to clap back as she tweeted, "I compliment people when they do well ... blah blah blah."

She then posted a clip of a wind chime with the caption, "You can tell a lot about people who belittle you for your views and beliefs, when u aren’t even TALKING TO THEM! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 My bestie and I call these people CHIMERS ..they ALWAYS chime in when u are speaking to someone else 🤣"

And when a user posted, "She probably dumped her stock too as Americans died," Alley rolled up her sleeves and replied, "Actually Granny I don't own ANY stock. Try 'my religion' card, it's much more effective."

Kirstie's reference to her controversial religious group, Scientology, was also a heated topic of conversation — sending #scientology to the top of the Twitter trends.

Check out more of the impassioned replies to Alley's tweet below!

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