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Julie Bowen's Instagram page was flooded with comments bashing the "Modern Family" star on Friday, after she posted a series of photos of Barron Trump.

The actress and mother of three live-blogged the inauguration on social media, posting screen grabs of Donald Trump's 10-year-old son on her page with humorous commentary. Only problem: a lot of her followers didn't see any humor in her words.

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Check out the posts in question below:

I think Barron is on his Gameboy. Can't say I can blame him.

A photo posted by Julie Bowen (@itsjuliebowen) on

Barron, a voting majority shares your horror. #barronforpresident

A photo posted by Julie Bowen (@itsjuliebowen) on

When your dad is boppin' his head to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. #dadshame #barronforpresident

A photo posted by Julie Bowen (@itsjuliebowen) on

Hey @CNN! Don't box the Barron!

A photo posted by Julie Bowen (@itsjuliebowen) on

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And now, a sampling of the backlash:

  • He is a 10 year old boy. Lay off of him.

  • What is your problem? Are you an adult? You should feel ashamed bashing a child! Would you like it if someone was talking shit about your boys? Grow up!!

  • Eww don't make fun of a child! You're no better than him for doing this

  • It takes a big woman to make a fun of a child. If you don't support Trump, why post anything at all, especially, his innocent child. I guess that makes you feel good about yourself. I wonder how you would feel if someone starting putting your kids out there and make fun of them??? I'm done with you, UNFOLLOW and not watching anymore. You shame me coming from Maryland.

  • he at the 1988 inauguration?

  • And done with self-centered celebrities that think it's okay to have the "wit" to make fun of a 10 year old.

  • I will officially stop watching your show. No matter who you voted for it is what it is and time to quit bitching and come together as a country for the greater good. But to call out a ten year old boy on social media is a new low.

  • I cant believe @itsjuliebowen posted this! disgraceful!!!! You just lost a fan. Go back living in the world of Hollywood... Unbelievable!

  • Karmas a BITCH just like you. Mocking a child, you're PATHETIC.

  • You are hateful Julie. All of my friends have unfollowed you today. As a mother, how cruel of you to pick apart a 10 year old child.

After one fan also shamed her on Twitter for keeping the "focus on a child," Bowen defended her posts, writing "I love that Barron is a kid being a kid. My kids would be a horror show at a public event! Just trying to keep it light."

Many of Bowen's fans also defended her in the comments.

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