Whoopi Goldberg has made no secret of her distaste for President Donald Trump and on Tuesday's episode of "The View," the hits kept on coming.

The co-host kicked off the show by condemning POTUS for accusing the media of not covering terrorist attacks.

"You know what's funny about this. One of the first stories that was reported on was the beheading of Daniel Pearl, a journalist," she said. "So the media has a real connection to making sure people know where the terror attacks are all over the world. I just want to say, even though Steve Bannon is running everything, I know that you can say what you want about the media, you can continue to say all of those things but that doesn't change the fact that you're wrong. You're wrong, my friend. You're wrong."

Joy Behar chimed in, saying Trump knows what he's saying is a "blatant lie."

"As a TV personality, he knows that ratings drive the networks and there's a saying in news, if it bleeds it leads,'" said Joy. "When there's a terrorist attack anywhere, that is a big news story. He knows that everything is about ratings and they're not going to avoid that. So this is such a blatant lie, even people who voted for him can see it."

And while Jedediah Bila agreed on the "blatant lie" claim, she said the people watching the news at home carry some blame too.

"Even though [the media] cover terrorist attacks, I think we, the marketplace, demand a lot of nonsense from the news networks and they feel like they have to cater to us by talking about some comment Trump made 20 years ago that was ridiculous more than they're talking about an attack in Yemen," she explained. "But I think that rests with us because they're catering to our demand and what we want. I think there's a point to be made but you can't just say the media doesn't cover terrorist attacks, that's a blatant lie."

Later in the show, Goldberg railed on Trump some more for how he deals with foreign nations.

"I don't like when you go and lift your leg and you pee on a country that we are doing our best to try to keep a balance with, so we can have a conversation so nothing escalates," she said. "I don't like that you lift your leg and you do it on China, you lift your leg and you do it on Kuwait, stop! I get that you're trying to show that you're a man and you're strong, but every time you do this, everything shrinks."

Joy then asked, "Why doesn't he lift his leg on Russia?"

Near the end of the show, the talk turned to Betsy DeVos, who had not yet been confirmed as Secretary of Education.

"I really urge Senators, do your homework on this woman," warned Bila.

"I think what's remarkable is, she didn't attend public schools, she doesn't have a degree in education, her children didn't attend public schools, how can she be a candidate" asked Sunny Hostin.

"One of you Republicans, one of you — grow a nut and step out because she's is not right," added Goldberg.

Shortly after the show wrapped, DeVos was confirmed after a 50/50 Senate vote was broken by Vice President Mike Pence. Hollywood is not having it though -- click here to see some grizzly reactions!