Here's How 'Girls' Ended
'Girls' Season 6 Premiere

Spoiler alert: Don't read this article if you intend to watch the finale or entire series -- but if you checked out a while ago and have no intention of finishing the HBO series, here's how it ended.

HBO aired its last new "Girls" episode on Sunday night and it hinted toward Lena Dunham's character, Hannah Horvath, finally growing up.


After the eponymous group of friends -- Hannah, Marnie, Soshanna and Jessa -- decided to call their relationship quits in the penultimate episode that aired last week, the finale picked up months later after Hannah had given birth to her baby boy, Grover, and was living a quiet life as a single mother in upstate New York.

Hannah woke up to her best friend Marnie (Allison Williams) in her bed to present an offer to move in and help raise Grover.

The episode, which has gotten mixed reviews from fans who stuck with the show for six seasons, was entitled "Latched," due to the central problem Hannah was wrestling with: Her baby did not want to latch onto her breasts to feed.

So yes, in signature "Girls" fashion, Dunham's bare breasts were on prominent display throughout the episode, along with her butt and even pubic hair. It seemed Hannah was as bad of a mom as her former roommate and friend Elijah (Andrew Rannells) predicted she would be earlier this season. She couldn't even stop Grover from crying, so the distressed mother relied heavily on Marnie to take care of her son, but it was too much for a BFF to handle, so Marnie called for backup: Hannah's mom Loreen (Becky Ann Baker).

Of course, Hannah didn't appreciate her mom's presence and the two ended up arguing, with Hannah refusing to recognize her own flaws and blaming her mom's failed relationship with her gay father (Peter Scolari) for all of her problems before storming out into the suburban street.

Meanwhile, Marnie was busy struggling with her situation. The divorced, former musician was not only bored constantly taking care of Grover, but lacked direction in her life, which Loreen suggested she break away from Hannah to find -- after the episode's most comical moment, in which Loreen walked in on Marnie "beating off" while having a FaceTime sex session with a guy.

While Hannah was walking off her anger during an hours-long stroll around the neighborhood, she came across a young teenager in distress running away from a house in her underwear. She assumed the girl was escaping an abusive situation -- but it turned out the high schooler was just mad at her mom for making her do a homework assignment instead of hanging out with her boyfriend.

So why was the teenager running around in the street with no pants on? Probably just so Hannah had another excuse to take hers off, which she did, and then gave them to the girl, who ran off in the over-sized jeans when Hannah gave her a piece of her mind about respecting her mom.

The scene ended with a kind (and confused) cop escorting Hannah home in her undies. It was after this experience that something magical happened: Hannah realized she actually needs to care about her child instead of just complaining about him


When she arrived home, Marnie and Loreen were waiting on the porch and strangely chill with Hannah's decision to ditch her kid and wander around the neighborhood for a few hours. Then Grover's cries escape the house, and while Hanna's helpers offered to take care of him, she made the tender decision to do it on her own. Then, finally, Grover latched onto Hannah's nipple and started sucking.


The. End.

Some other character tidbits from before the series finale:

  • Elijah was cast in the musical "White Men Can't Jump"
  • Soshanna got engaged and told the "Girls" she never wanted to see them again.
  • Ray finally seemed to have found the right girl (not previous girlfriends Marnie and Soshanna) and inherited his boss's coffee chain. Score!
  • Adam (Adam Driver) suggested getting back together with Hannah to help her raise her child, and they even had a great day filled with sex and laughter, but ultimately realized it was a bad idea. The last we saw of him he was asking current girlfriend Jessa to let him back up their apartment.
  • Jessa and Hannah danced away their beef.
  • Hannah's dad is openly gay and enjoying a relationship with a new man.

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