Rebecca Black Is Still Haunted by 'Friday' Insults, 'Death Threats' and 'Baggage'
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It's been six years since Rebecca Black stunned the world with the awesomely bad song "Friday," and she's still dealing with online vitriol that was spewed at her after the YouTube video racked up over 100 million views in just a month.

"I'd be lying if I said I was totally over the 'Friday' stuff and that it doesn't affect me," Black told Rolling Stone. "When you're 13, and you get so many people giving you death threats, telling you that you don't deserve to live this life, calling you ugly, fat, terrible, the worst person in the world, that will affect you. I just try to give myself a break every now and then, and take some of the pressure off of trying to prove myself to everybody."

"With 'Friday' came a lot of baggage. There were so many things that I was holding on to. I wanted to let those things go," Black said.

But now she has a reason to laugh back at her haters -- her new single, "The Great Divide," slipped into Billboard's chart of Top 25 on Dance Club Songs.

Black's YouTube page currently has 1 million subscribers. She started the channel when she was sixteen, sharing random day-in-the-life videos as well as fashion and beauty tutorials. Black says that she used the internet to help connect with not only fans but other teens like herself.

"I was home-schooled, and I got really lonely," Black said.

"Whatever you like and you can't find in your immediate circle at school or in your hometown, there's a great chance that you're gonna find it online," Black said. "There is a home for everybody."

Black claims that although her YouTube channel does receive the occasional bully referencing "Friday," there's more positive than negative this time around.

"I had no idea the feeling of someone singing back the words that you wrote, or feeling the words that you wrote," Black said. "That connection that YouTuber's go for that we were talking about earlier? That's getting it – and feeling like, 'Oh, my God: I have a home.'"

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