The “Trial & Error” table read for the dramedy’s finale was an emotional rollercoaster for the cast.

“We were so excited to get the script,” Sherri Shepherd told TooFab in our studio.

But Nicholas D’Agosto found the experience rather heartbreaking.

“My heart actually kind of sank at the beginning when he was guilty,” D’Agosto said. “I was like, 'Thankfully there is a lot of script here left.’”

The jury decided Larry Henderson (John Lithgow) is in fact guilty for the murder of his wife Margaret Henderson, until his daughter Summer (Krysta Rodriguez) was able to decode her stepmother’s cell phone to reveal the biggest twist of the season – an unsent video that Margaret was going to send to Larry before an owl came sweeping into their home flying her head right into the infamous plate glass window.

Margaret has been hidden from viewers the entire season so the big twist served as a double surprise when viewers saw the role was played by Andie MacDowell.

“She was just there for half a day and of course, her scene is just by herself so we really only got to say hi to her, but she’s super sweet - absolutely lovely. We were so tickled to have her be the surprise,” D’Agosto said.

Once the judge viewed the unsent footage, Henderson was released from prison right before another murder was announced in the very small city in South Carolina. And Josh Segal and Associates, the newbie lawyer who defended Henderson was offered the case.

“You’re like a legit lawyer,” Shepherd said to D’Agosto.

But then Henderson creepily said goodbye to Segal as he started to investigate his new case.

TooFab posed a theory to the “Trial and Error” stars for Season 2.

“Do you think Larry may have killed someone so Josh could become successful and Larry could see his daughter happy?”

D’Agosto and Shepherd lit up at the thought of TooFab’s theory being the case, but admitted they are still pretty much in the dark for what to expect next season.

“It’s going to be the same cast, but we haven’t been told what we can expect,” Shepherd said. “We know there is a new murder and a new suspect.”

“They leave the door open because they really want John to return,” D’Agosto added. “It’s all about timing. I know John loves the show, but he works a lot so it’s really for them to decide.”

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