Watch Taryn Manning's New Music Video and See How 'OITNB' Influenced Her Songwriting (Exclusive)
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Taryn Manning's renewed popularity thanks to "Orange Is the New Black" is also serving as inspiration for her new music.

The actress-singer released the first single from her upcoming EP on Friday, along with a music video showing the star fighting her inner demons in a run down mansion (Watch Below).

The single, "GLTCHLFE," is one the handpicked songs that will be released on "tARYNOID," a collection of tracks influenced by where Manning is in her career and its affect on her psyche.

"I've been working on this for a long time and with the acting career as well, it's hard to find the windows to put it out and support it," Manning told TooFab. "There's a whole running theme. I've been doing this a long time, acting and music, there's this new show I,m on and it,s really popular and it really changed a lot of things in my life in a good way and in kind of a weird way at times."

"It's such a great job, there's so many bizarre parts of it that can cause some 'Tarynoia,'" she continued. "Like when will I work again? Or I'm looking over my shoulder because people come up from behind and go 'YOU!' and hug me. It's really just a fun play on words."

Of the new single, she said it's "just about technology and life and how it's glitchy, with one button everything can be sort or ruined."

"The internet and social media lends towards, I feel like people are a little more lonely in a sense, even though they have access to so much more, a lot of people spend a lot of time alone," she added.

That sense of loneliness translates to the music video as well.

"In the video, it's in this big mansion and has like 36 rooms and this girl who's all dressed up with nowhere to go," Manning explained. "The empty dilapidated house is supposed to be like the corners of her mind, all the mess is created in our own heads."

Shooting the video also gave Manning a chance to play dress up, allowing her to show a side of her many don't see on "OITNB." For this clip, the costumes also helped drive the theme home.

"I like to dress up, I like hair and makeup, but I don't like doing it myself though," she told TooFab. "The dresses are really pretty and again it's the all dressed up with nowhere to go. There's a deeper message, which is wherever you go there you are. Sometimes at life we just keep running from stuff. So you see I'm just like running around with no destination."

"tARYNOID" is due out later this year.