Samantha Bee had plenty to work with for her opening monologue on Wednesday night's "Full Frontal," tearing into how the White House handled the firing of FBI director James Comey.

In her first night back since taking time off for her White House Correspondents Dinner special, Bee kicked off her show with a nearly 7-minute takedown of Donald Trump, Sean Spicer and the "slow-motion clusterf--k of impulsiveness and ineptitude that this White House is famous for."

"What a fun time to be alive," she sarcastically began her show, before diving into a recurring segment, "Our Weekly Constitutional Crisis: What the F--k Is It This Time?"

After noting the "FBI drama most americans expected to unfold on TV were the upcoming seasons of 'The X-Files' and 'Twin Peaks,'" Bee unloaded on Comey's firing earlier this week.

She hit all the major headlines, including reports Spicer avoided reporters by "hiding in the bushes" after the news broke. "Sean spicer 'managed the narrative' by hiding in the bushes so reporters wouldn't film him because he'd rather get lyme disease than talk to the press," she explained.

Bee also pointed out how every cable news network compared Trump's actions to Richard Nixon and the "Saturday Night Massacre," before highlighting how even Nixon's library distanced itself from President Trump.

"By 7:30, and I am not making this up, the staff of Nixon's official library were trying to wash the Donald Trump taint off Richard Nixon with the hashtag #notnixonian," she said. "Which is fair. At least Nixon wasn't at war with late-night comedy," she added, before showing a clip of him on "Laugh In."

During her opening speech, Bee didn't defend Comey -- calling him "a bit of a turd" -- but praised him for being "an independent turd."

"Whoever trump appoints next, they'll know that if they look too hard at Trump's Russia connections, they'll be out," she added.

The late-night host then explained how Trump acting outside of presidential norms has become the new normal.

"This has become normal. This President has wiped his ass with the Constitution so many times the National Archives started leaving passive-aggressive notes asking him to chip in for toilet paper," she joked. "The president is meeting with a war criminal, Putin is playing space hockey, and the press secretary is hiding in some shrubbery. Did I miss anything?"

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