Former "Real Housewife of New York" cast member Jill Zarin isn't here for Ramona Singer's recent comments saying she was "desperate to be back on the show."

"That hit a nerve," she told Andy Cohen Wednesday on "Watch What Happens Live." "I was very hurt because we're still friendly with the same people. I've had a really hard year with my husband - with Bobby. We were in Florida this winter dealing with a lot of medical issues. It's not a secret. I share it with everybody, so for her to say that... Maybe in other points in time there would've been opportunities for me to come back on the show, but this wasn't it, and she knew that. It was a dig and it hurt me."

Jill did say she and current "RHONY" star Luann D'Agostino ran into Ramona two weeks ago while at dinner.

"You ran away," Jill said, pointing at Luann, who was sitting next to her. "Luann ran away. She and I were talking. She gets up when she sees Ramona, runs the other way, Ramona sits down in front of me, grabs me by the hands and says, 'We have to talk.' And we did. And I yelled and screamed at her, and she heard me, and we came to a peaceful place.'"

She may not be a regular on the Bravo series anymore, but Jill's still keeping up with the drama.

During a game of "Berzerkshires Breakdown," Jill called Singer "absolutely a pig" for drunkenly trashing the room she was staying in at Dorinda's home and said Medley should "never again" invite the women back.

"Not without insurance," she joked.

On what she would do if she were to see former best friend Bethenny Frankel again, Jill said, "I have no idea. I think I would say, 'I don't even remember what it was about. I don't even remember what we fought about. I really don't. I'd give her a hug and a kiss."

"I think Bethenny, if nothing else, has proven herself to be one of the hardest working women I've ever met," she added.

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