Taylor Swift Conspiracy Theories Flood Internet Amid Social Media Blackout
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The Swifties took over Twitter in true FBI fashion on Friday after the pop star's social media accounts and official website pages were totally wiped out.

"#TS6IsComing" quickly became a top trend as many fans believed there were details hidden across her online platforms that hinted at Swift's sixth studio album.

The first theory from Swift's fans suggested that the album will be called "Eclipse" as a result of the blackout, just like what happens to the sky during an eclipse. The name would be timely, as a total solar eclipse is set to happen for the first time in 99 years on August 21. Her fans believe that might actually be the day she releases her new single.

Other sleuths went even deeper and looked at the source code of Swift's website, running a cryptogram and discovering the words "That's What They Don't See." Fans immediately started to guess that must been the title of her first single, while others pointed out the words are lyrics to "Shake It Off."

Amid all the blackout hoopla, other users pointed out that Swift started following her alleged nemesis Katy Perry on Twitter again, leading to speculation that the two will squash their beef at the upcoming MTV Music Awards.

Check out the most popular chatter going on among Swift sleuths on the web: