Trevor Noah invited his "resident Ivanka Trump expert" Michelle Wolf on "The Daily Show" Wednesday night to rip into Donald Trump's daughter for supporting his anti-progressive policies while pretending to be an advocate for women.

"I'm so sick of everyone thinking Ivanka is the voice of reason," she said. "She could join ISIS and everyone would be like, 'Thank God she's there. She's gonna help ISIS get maternity leave."

Wolf vented her frustration in wake of Ivanka backing the Trump administration's decision to get rid of Barack Obama's policy that ensured employees were paid commensurate wages across racial and gender lines.

"She lied because she sucks. Ivanka cares about women the way Donald Trump cares about women," Wolf said. "He doesn't."

"She wants the credit for influencing her dad, but she doesn't want to get blamed for anything he does," she continued. "And that's what Trumps do! They went all of the credit and none of the blame."

And since Wolf believes America "forgets about lying" when it comes to Ivanka, because "she's kind of pretty," the comedian provided a suggestion to help keep the world kind of sensible.

"If Eric [Trump] was doing it, we'd all see right through it. You know what? Maybe that's the solution here. Next time you see Ivanka looking important in some White House photo opp, picture Eric instead."

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