Evan Rachel Wood Shreds Steve Bannon's Assertion Hollywood Stars Are 'Dumb as Ticks'
Hollywood's Most Politically Active Stars

"We speak up because we can and it would feel selfish not to," writes the "Westworld" star.

Evan Rachel Wood stood up for her and other artists' right to use their platforms any way they see fit, after Steve Bannon blasted Hollywood as "lazy" and "dumb as ticks."

The former White House chief strategist -- who has a history of trying really hard to break into Hollywood -- railed against actors, actresses and the NFL on Breitbart's News Daily radio show on Thursday.

"These actors and actresses, they're all dumb as ticks and they're all lazy," he said. "They're like pieces of furniture. They're all dumb as ticks. By the way, that's why movie attendance is down, people are tired of it. That's why they're not watching the National Football League, cutting the cord at ESPN. They've politicized everything, and you guys are voting with your feet, which I think is fantastic."

"That's one of the reasons Big Hollywood is on fire, because all we do is expose the hypocrisy of these morons in the entertainment industry," he added, applauding his news outlet.

After the Hollywood Reporter posted about his rant, the "Westworld" actress retweeted the article and chimed in with a series of tweets defending her choice to "speak up" for "those who cannot."

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