First Look at the 'Will & Grace' Revival

NBC drops clip of behind-the-scenes footage from the new season's first episode.

The cast of "Will & Grace" apparently had just as many laughs shooting the revival series as we all did watching it.

NBC released a gag reel Tuesday with the funniest outtakes from rebooted season's first episode titled "11 Years Later." The hilarious clip gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at stars Eric McCormack, *Debra Messing, Megan Mullally and *Sean Hayes shooting the show and the bloopers are funny.

In one take, Messing forgot the rest of her line so she cursed and walked off the stage.

"Marinara, f-k," Messing said.

"And if you've never had a marinara f-k, it's spicy," co-star Eric McCormack said impromptu.

Other takes include Hayes grabbing his crotch, Mullally speaking gibberish and a cheesy pillow fight that went too far.

"Will & Grace" airs on Thursday at 9 E.T./P.T. on NBC.

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