Country Star Walker Hayes' New Track 'Halloween' Is a Trick and a Treat (Exclusive Premiere)
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It's a TooFab first listen! Don't be fooled by the title -- "Halloween" is about so much more than the holiday it's named after.

Walker Hayes' new song "Halloween" -- making its exclusive world premiere on TooFab today -- is both a trick and a treat.

Although it's dropping ahead of the October holiday, the latest from the "You Broke Up With Me" singer isn't about going door to door for candy or haunted houses, it's a catchy love song every set of ears should be able to appreciate.

The country music star told TooFab he wrote the track about his wife, Laney, and the concept of falling in love with someone you can be totally yourself around -- mask free. He co-wrote the love song with Nicolle Galyon, who is featured in the music video alongside Hayes.

"When we wrote it, we thought of how nice it is to meet that person that you don't have to sell yourself to constantly or try hard around," Hayes told TooFab. "You could be exactly who you are, and it's extremely freeing to meet that person. For me personally, that's Laney, my wife."

"I always wanted to write a love song for her," he added, "but one that was different and articulated how special she really is to me and how safe I feel around her. It's cliché, but I always tell her she's my favorite, ya know? She's my best friend, and Halloween is a unique way of saying that."

The entire music video for "Halloween" is in black and white, which Hayes said is intended to keep the message of the song -- and not the visuals of the video -- the main focus.

"When we were making the video and even producing the track, everything we did visually and musically was really just to get out of the way of the message," he said. "We didn't want to distract anybody from the concept and the sentiment and the idea, so that's why we went with that simple black and white vibe."

Hayes and Galyon were in Charleston Thursday to perform in honor of those whose lives were lost during the Las Vegas shooting almost a week ago. It was their first time taking the stage since time stood still for everyone who attended and performed at the Route 91 Harvest Festival last Sunday.

"Whenever anything like this happens to any community, I always hope it brings people together," Hayes said. "I hope it doesn't make people afraid. This was my first show since [the shooting], and I was anxious to see what difference it would make on the faces of everyone who came out. I was curious if people would choose not to come, and if it was going to change the atmosphere. My hope is that this brings us together."

Galyon added, "It just makes me want to be better to my people because we know nothing is guaranteed. It just makes me love my people harder."

Watch Hayes and Galyon's brand new music video for "Halloween" below, exclusively on TooFab.

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