Trevor Noah Unloads on Fox News for Enabling Bill O'Reilly's Sexual Harassment While Slamming Weinstein
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"While Fox News may be woke in the streets, they are definitely enablers in the sheets," the "Daily Show" host jokes.

Trevor Noah says Fox News' coverage of "serial super sexual predator" Harvey Weinstein is hypocritical given the network's handling of various sexual harassment allegations against former star Bill O'Reilly.

"I've gotta give props to Fox," Noah said on Monday's "Daily Show", during which he played a series of clips showing network anchors slamming the disgraced movie producer. "They're taking such a strong stand against sexual harassment. It also confused me a little. And this weekend, I was reminded why."

According to a recent New York Times article, executives at the network's parent company, 21st Century Fox, were aware of former Fox News' legal analyst Lis Wiehl's sexual harassment allegations against O'Reilly when they offered him a four-year, $100 million contract back in February, several months before he was ultimately fired in April. The parent company also admitted to having knowledge of the $32 million settlement O'Reilly struck with Wielh.

"Wow! Bill O'Reilly got a $100 million contract after he was busted," Noah said. "It's almost like Fox News said, 'I'll bet you $100 million you'll do it again.'"

"So we know that Fox News not only knew what O'Reilly was up to for a long time, they even hid some of it," he continued, "which means while Fox News may be woke in the streets, they are definitely enablers in the sheets."

Noah then played another series of clips, this time featuring Fox News anchors skewering NBC News and The New York Times for reportedly having knowledge of Weinstein's sexual misconduct and not reporting it.

"Damn, there is no faster way to get Fox to care about something than to find out a powerful, liberal person has done it," the comedian said. "Maybe we should tell them Harvey Weinstein colluded with Russia?"

"At least with Weinstein, Hollywood has totally shut him out," Noah added. "He's kicked out of his company, he's banned from the Academy, even when he signed into Netflix, his top recommendation is 'Go to Hell.'"

Noah then took aim at Sean Hannity for welcoming O'Reilly back with open arms for a one-on-one interview only six months after he was ousted from the network.

"Does liberal Hollywood have a problem with sexual predators? Yes. Does conservative Fox News have the same problem? Yes. That's my issue with this. It's not supposed to be partisan," Noah said.

"Fox was right to call it out, not because they can score political points, but because it's the right thing to do. So, Fox News, please keep going after sexual harassment. I applaud you. And the great news is you don't even have to leave the building."

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